GAOP: Production Value!

Gasp! (it’s) Another Outfit Post! (Gasp! Is this going to be every week? *real gasp*)

Fake gasping aside, hello everybody! Look! Floral tights. Yay! Intro over. Photo bomb!

So you’re wondering what’s with the title? If you’re not I’m telling you anyways. We just watched the movie Super 8 (late I know) and it was so awesome! The characters and dialogue were amazeballs and so was the whole movie.  The effects were the bomb, literally. In the beginning, the kids were making a movie and the director, Charles kept on saying production value when thinking of details that’ll add more oomph to the look of their movie.

My sister and I decided to take the outfit photos out of the garden and beyond…we walked on our street (thankfully it’s empty–imagine if we did that on our street in the Philippines hehe). We stood in the middle of the road. For photos. Just photos. Production Value!

And for more Production Value! details…

Love the buttons on this blazer. This was part of my mom’s office uniform in the 90s. Cool office uniform. Too bad I couldn’t find the shoulder pads.

Mom’s old blazer, Disney shirt from Zara, Forever New necklace and floral tights, Dotti skirt, Cotton On belt, Glassons yellow cardigan, shoes from random Japanese shop in Queen St., Osiris glasses.

Okiedokie bye! (hype on

PS See the roof of a Buddhist temple in the background? Production Value!


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