Four Others Under the Rainbow. Ahh a random post again. This week’s FOUR post is dedicated to the beauty of black and white. Let’s set our eyes on a monochrome world for a moment. A world devoid of colour may be a bit depressing but occasionally seeing black and white can be refreshing. A bit mysterious. Some nostalgia.

Let’s go.

ONE (My sister took this photo of our parents at the viaduct harbour. Boats going about. Some clouds in the sky. Calm waters. Looking into the horizon. Feels a bit dramatic in monochrome, doesn’t it?)

TWO (Sky Tower stands like a ghost amidst the buildings in the city. The needle piercing the nothingness almost invisible to the normal chaos on the streets. And then you look up. I want to be high up there. Then fall—with equipment, of course. I want to do the SkyJump on my birthday-that or a bungee jump. We’ll see how that goes.)

THREE (Old film projector noisily whirring away to show the flickering images of decades past. It was really noisy, like something sounds broken inside or something haha. I was just in so much awe at the machine itself. You can immerse yourself with high def Youtube videos almost anywhere these days.Meanwhile, people from long ago had to set up their film, startup the machine, sit down and wait for the small, shaky images. And you probably had to be freaking rich to have one of these during the olden days–so maybe the butler would do the above work. Well since this was in a gallery (AUT St Paul Art Gallery) I had the convenience of only needing to push the button. But man oh man. Progress is insaneballs.)

FOUR (My friend Darlene. Oh the contrast and the images. It’s making me artsy fartsy. Well this was one of the more serious ones. You should’ve seen us in that gallery, making shadow puppets. Cannot resist.)

Black and white. I’m kinda inspired to make more black and white themed posts. Though probably not on food posts. Hehe. Watch this space hopefully next time my photography skills will catch up with the pictures in my head. How delightful that would be.

Okiedokie. See ya!



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