Hello there! It’s another Four Other Under the Rainbow post! Not much of a theme this week unlike the past weeks but whatever. On to random stuff that caught my eye. But before we get onto the photos I’d like to share my sister’s cover of a Lady Gaga song, Check it out at here. We have the same speaking voice but her singing voice is waayyyyyy better than mine. She’s been enthusiastically covering songs ever since she found out she can connect her laptop to her electric piano.

ONE (Hallway at the AUT St Paul Gallery. I liked this hallway because it’s like one of the places that the public shouldn’t usually access. It was leading to one of the exhibits where you can listen to audio recordings of conversations about mothers. That’s at the end of this hallway through that brightly lit doorway. It’s funny because it actually leads to an empty window display. So while my friends and I were listening to the confusing recordings we were on display to the people outside. Some passersby probably thought we were part of the exhibit because we just stood there frozen trying to listen. Awkward. )

TWO (Black and white TV at the same gallery as above. I didn’t listen much to the video but it was just interesting watching a black and white TV. Everything is geared to be HD these days. Retina display. Crisp images and incredible details. Too bad it wasn’t like one of those sets with the knobs and wooden fitting, that would’ve been fantastic!)THREE (Art fixture at Albert Park. I haven’t bothered finding out if there’s a plaque that describes this piece but I always thought this looked funny. I’m not an art buff so I thought this was like an enormous protractor stuck to the ground. Adds a little something to the park’s charm. Hehe.)

FOUR (This is a reminder that bringing my camera out that day was a great idea. And that you can see a lot of beautiful things when you look up. I wish I can walk around the city while looking up. A different view is so refreshing but then I don’t want to get hit by cars or get weird stares haha. Anyways my friend, Darlene and I was just walking and at the same time we halted and looked up at this building. We just had to take the shot with our respective cameras. The shadows look great against the facade but it’s a bit sad they painted the building with a darker colour. It used to look cheerier.)

So there we are. FOUR post done.

Share some thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you find beautiful things when you look up?


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