GAOP: Cut Out Heart

Hellooooo Tuesday!

For today’s post I’m sporting my sister’s DIY project :). My running stitch is like a stumbling, crawling stitch. And my sister’s less lazy than I am. And here is the product. She actually mended two sweaters with one heart. This brown sweater had a hole and another red sweater also had a hole. So she cut out the heart from there and stuck it on this sweater. Voila. Aw and she stuck an animal print behind the red sweater because she’s edgy like that. Check it out here

One of the oldest headbands I have. Suede sequiny headband. I’ve had it during the start of my headband craze in ’07. Way before I knew who Blair Waldorf was. Back then this was pretty fancy for me. I’ve moved on to bigger bows after. Haha.                  My sister’s boots. I love the colour of the shoe laces. 

Can I swing from this vine? In my dreams. 

Glassons mustard shirt, polka dot dress worn as skirt from SM Philippines, DIY heart sweater, my sister’s boots.



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