Shaky Isles and Happy Birthdays

Hello everyone!

Today is my friend’s birthday! Yay! You’d probably recognize Pin from all our other cafe hangouts I’ve posted before. Another awesome thing is that we’re finally hanging out with our friend Marfel. She’s a super busy nursing student and she’s finally on break. So what do we do to celebrate? We eat!

Auckland has so many cafes and it seems like me and my friends are doing a collect-’em-all approach to dining in Auckland. I don’t know, we’re just cafe folks. Maybe when we get older and have cool jobs (hopefully) you’ll see me blog about high end restaurants and fancy schmancy places. *starry eyed*

Anyways today we walked around Britomart and stumbled upon Shaky Isles. First thought: cute name. Second Though: even cuter interior. We’re a sucker for these type of places.Even the menu looks cute. All doodly doodly doo. Like the awesome wall art that’s all about how the coffee starts out as a berry-not a bean- until it’s on your cup as an espresso with a reddish brown foam. I sooo want to photocopy the wall and paste it on my bedroom. So anyways onto fooooooood! Marfel got a chicken burger. Grilled chicken breast, brie, honey, mustard aioli and watercress in a ciabatta bun.Pin and I both got a Shaky burger. Homemade Angus prime beef patty, bacon, gruyere,tomato,lettuce,aioli and chipotle relish in a ciabatta bun.I enjoyed the flavours in this burger plus the bun absorbed this awesomeness through. I mean c’mon it’s bacon and Angus beef. Soooo yummm.

And introducing Marfel (left) and Pin (right). Modeling the cute menus. I just love this place’s illustrated adorableness. Meet my new favourite sauce. I need this sticky sweetness in my pantry. It complemented the burger so well.And look there’s a whole shelf of them. Maybe I should’ve asked if they were for sale. Hmm.And of course it’s never ever complete without a cuppa. We got a couple cups of mocha and a cup of green tea. See the piece of chocolate on the surface? That’s a slab of Whittakers chocolate slowly melting away into my cup. Oh the joy. Oh the cutest teaspoon everrrr. Some playing around…Okay (there’s more photos but I’ll probably sneak that in the blog some other random time) that was my happy afternoon with adorable friends at an adorable place 🙂 See ya guys!Happy birthday Pin!

10 thoughts on “Shaky Isles and Happy Birthdays

    1. the burgers are yum 🙂 try them! there’s a whole bunch of other goodlooking food by the counter too 🙂 the cuteness in that place just bowls me over haha

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