Hello! Here are Four Other Under the Rainbow 🙂 I just realised what a good idea this FOUR postings are on my blog (I just realised it now despite posting it for months haha) because it makes me get up and take my camera for a walk at least once a week. This week I’m trying to take photos from my hip. Which is funny because all the photos turn out crap most of the time–blurred pavements (but maybe because I’m incredibly short). But my photography friends do it a lot and their street photos look so darn amazing. Practice,practice. FOUR posts also spark a lot of fiction writing ideas–like most people I have a lot of ideas I just can’t execute my ideas in beautiful writing and grammar haha.  Hmm someday.

On a writing sidenote did I tell you that I wanted to be a novelist during my tween years. I wrote a book called ‘Survive’ and it was about me and my whole class being stranded in the woods and a lot of conspiracy, magical, slightly horror stuff happened. It was fun but it was hard and I never finished it. Probably because I mention all my classmates. Probably because I wrote it in shifting first person perspective- 30 classmates first person perspectives. Probably because the plot was ever changing- kidnappings, escapings, reincarnation, smuggling, witches –at one point I was going to add dinosaurs! No holds. I should sooo get back to that.

Anyways here’s FOUR

ONE (Drink coffee. Straddle large mammal. Sounds just about right. It’s from Shaky Isles. I posted about it here. That place is just too adorable and it just makes me want to doodle on my bedroom walls. It also helps that their food tastes great. )

TWO (Still from Shaky Isles. Yes, even the ceilings have something cute going on. I love how they paired this ornate thing–that’s usually seen with chandeliers and such—with hanging light bulbs. Classic plus contemporary equals cute. Yeah that’s my math. Speaking of chandeliers I told my friends about our old house in the Philippines that had chandeliers and that every time my little cousins ran around the second floor a piece falls off. Haha.  )THREE (Musician on Queen Street. His cello music was so dreamy it make me want to pull up a chair and sit across him instead of just passing by. Hope I see him again on Queen St. always cool to randomly hear something classical out there. Plus his hair is super cool too.)         FOUR (Random photo taken while inside the bus. The lights at night is so enchanting. It’s the first time I’ve taken photos at night so I was pretty excited blurring the photos to watch the lights dance through my camera. Fun just randomly clicking away. Bus rides just got a little more exciting.)Okiedokie. That’s it for random schmandom stuff.

See ya!

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