Hi there! It’s time for another Four Others Under the Rainbow. Randomness brought to you by yours truly. I usually say something in the intro but nothing comes to mind at the moment. Too busy with our movie marathon here in the living room. Haha. Okiedokie here goes.

ONE (Details of Maori art. It’s part of the arch at the Aotea Square in Auckland CBD. Beautiful carvings. I should take more photos of Maori art. Culture, yeah!)TWO (Rows and rows and rows of music CDs at JB Hifi on Queen Street. I came with my friend who’s at the end of this aisle shot. She’s one of the people outside my family friends that I’ve known the longest here in NZ. She doesn’t like having her picture taken though. Anyways I like this place. I’d love to have tons of CDs piling up my place. But I usually just buy music off iTunes, for convenience. I still buy CDs though when I really really love the artist or when I have money hehe. Mostly I just love free legal music–from the local library’s database.)THREE (Makeup brushes on a vanity. No these aren’t mine. I don’t think I’ll ever need this many makeup brushes, I’m too lazy haha. I suppose I should learn more makeup skills. I’ve only learned how to put lipstick decently when I was 20, I have hope! Haha. This was in an Asian makeup store. Everything looked so foreign and adorable. I’ve also seen facial masks like the ones I’ve seen 2ne1 use hehe. )FOUR (Wall lamp in the living room. Looks eerie and nice. I was just trying out the settings on the camera when I took this. )

Okay gotta go. Watching REC 🙂 See ya!


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