GAOP: Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

It’s so cold right now it’s annoying. I’m always happy when the sun is out and about. Making beautiful light, making it slightly warm and just making it an awesome day.

Some of the photos have a beautiful ray of light. Sun’s showing off. I wanted to pretend to be a teal angel. My little spotlight is calling me to heaven. Heheh.Wings check! Think happy thoughts and fly! I think I need extra large happy thoughts to carry me haha. I wish I had a trampoline. I’m 21 and I still wish for playgrounds. Just the other day I was checking out a toy sale catalogue. Mom went like, “why are you looking at that?” What? The’re cute. And Barbie has a private jet now. And I thought the convertible I had was Barbie luxury. tsk. Haha. I sound like  I have arrested development . Childhood nostalgia. On a sidenote: if you’re into psychology and kids and playing around check out my post on Brainbreaking. Thanks!Not Working? Perhaps I need some kind of power-up. Cue self-sound effects. Never mind I’ll just show off the cute gumball looking bracelets my friends gave me.And to end the post I will leave you with (as my sister put it) my I’m-a-children’s-book-author-would-you-like-to-have-my-autograph-on-your-book look. Someday I’d like to do that look legitimately. 

Guess striped top, Glassons dress,belt and shoes. Bracelets and bow clip gifted by my friends.


4 thoughts on “GAOP: Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

    1. thanks! 🙂 I can’t say I’d like to trade climates with you haha. I just wish winter won’t last so long. haha. Autumn is the best I think

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