Hey there! Hope everyone had a lovely week. Mine was alright. Mellow me, aggressive weather. But then again it’s winter. What do you expect. I’m still quite thankful for the surprisingly sunny moments in Auckland this week. You playful, sneaky weather you. Anyways here are Four Others Under the Rainbow.

ONE (Tangly branch tree at Albert Park. I really like this tree. I always pass by it when I walk from university to the CBD through Albert Park. It would be super fun to climb but I haven’t tried it yet. Hmm maybe one summer day? It also looks like a kind of tree Tarzan would be sliding around on. Like in the Disney version. Hehe )TWO (Gazebo at Albert Park. The day before was so crazy and the wind was so crazy. If I was thinner there’s a chance I could’ve been blown away. Haha. It’s just funny trying to walk uphill against a crazy wind. Anyways the other day’s remnants can be seen on the ground on this photo. Sort of.)THREE (Looking out the window. The first time I ever saw this wall art it was whoa, for a moment I thought they were real. This is in front of Central City Library. You know that bit in Sound of Music where they jump into the chalk drawings? I wish those things really happen. Oh the places we can go, especially if you were in an art gallery. Well we have our minds for that. Just close your eyes and let’s go! )FOUR (New art fixture in front of the Auckland Art Gallery. I love its reflection in the water. The old piece out here used to be something with fake flowers of some sort. My sister wanted to include it in her short film so I went down here to scout the location for her. And poof. The art changed. Oh well at least my sister adapts quickly. So excited for her short film!)

Okiedokie that’s all, see ya!



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