Filipino Polvoron The Video

Ooohh second food video? Food music video? FMV? There should be a channel dedicated to that.  So a few posts ago I made Filipino polvoron with cashews, oreos and milo. I also said it was for my sister’s short film. Well, we enjoyed it too much and there was nothing left near the day they were going to need it. So I had to make more. MORE POLVORON EVERYBODY!

My trusty budding filmmaker/sister was on the scene to document it. So here you go. I only made oreo polvorons this time (cashews weren’t discounted in the supermarket this time around  and we drank the rest of the milo, hehe).Other than that I still followed the recipe on my polvoron post.

Oooh another fun thing to share! My sister posted this video on the weekend on Vimeo. And it got featured on Village Voice as Clip of the Day last saturday. Yay!

That’s all for now, enjoy the video 😀

PS. Music is ‘Hov (Det Analogisk)’ by Analogik



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