Hello there! It’s time for another Four Others Under the Rainbow! This week’s random post. I don’t know why I always have that kind of an intro to a supposedly random post.

You’d think that because it’s a random post the intros would be more random as time goes by. But then again it’s a planned (there’s one each week) random post. If it’s planned should it even be called random or should the randomness of the content be sufficient enough in calling it random? If the content is even random why are there always four of them? It’s definite and ordered (I even indicate which one is one, two…). But without the alleged style I present the post in it wouldn’t be FOUR or can it still be? Is trying to come up with random posts, supposed to free random ideas, actually constrict the presentation and therefore any claim to it being random is null and void? Does this mean you can never have a random post? If you write a blog post according to your stream of consciousness, it would seem random, would it not? But your consciousness is still ordered by your attention and your attention is ordered by your cognitions. There is order almost always. So how can you ever write a random post?

I shall call the former paragraph the opening for a thesis on the philosophy of the random blogosphere. Haha. I’m just playing around. And it’s a random intro!

ONE (Flowers. Remnants of spring long gone. My sister took this photo when our camera was still new. I love the fuzz on the flower’s surface. They look like lips comically puckered, the stamen or stigma–darn I have no idea—look like buckteeth. Or maybe that’s just me. Haha)TWO (Hair dye on my sister’s head. My sister’s bestfriend was applying the colour. The study became a makeshift salon. The best part is, of course, the Manic Panic pink hair. You can still see the blond ends the dye haven’t touched. So vibrant, sooooo cooool. A few weeks later parts of it will be pastel pink- it’s semi permanent. The fading is awesome too.)THREE (Japanese shop shopping. Weee…Bought these bunny and bear mini cake molds. So kawaii! I’ve used them already but I overstuffed it with batter and the result while delicious is not super kawaii. Haha)FOUR (Vintage shoes I bought at the thursday market in university. I think I’ve shown them in an outfit post before. But anyways here they are again. Hello shoes!)

Oh well that’s all for now folks! See ya! 😀


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