Hi there! Wooow. I just realised how long it’s been since I posted a F.O.U.R. post. Just when I was super sure this was a weekly thing I break the rhythm…dundundun..fail. Sorry for that. Haha. I guess I still haven’t got into the flow of this extramural thing. Man oh man I’m so easily distracted.

Anyways besides my academic woes I haven’t got a lot going on. So not much to update haha. Anywaysss onto Four Others Under the Rainbow! Everything was taken on the same night. There’s magic at night. But I currently suck at taking night-time photos soooooo……we will work on that….eventually. Haha. anyways off we go.

ONE (New Zealand International Film Festival at the Civic. Yay! My sister is a film and english stud so I got into this whole film festival thing because of her. I’d like to catchup on her being a film snob, haha. Plus I love movies. I also love the lights on the ceiling of the Civic’s entrance. But most of all I love the Civic. It was just so darn fancy and ornate in there. )
TWO (Inside the theater. I need to go back there to get detailed photos of everything. I’d also like to one day watch from one of those balconies like some elite person. The ceiling was wonderful! When the show started it became the night sky with millions of glittering stars and moving clouds. If you’re wondering what we watched it was Easy Street by Charlie Chaplin and Blackmail by Alfred Hitchcock. Both were silent movies. But there was a live orchestra in the pit. Apparently that’s how people watched the movies in the olden times. Awesomesauce!)
THREE (Auckland town hall clock. Blurrified. Spookified. Love the purple light on the creepy branches. It’s like midnight in a halloween flick and the branches start to crawl up the clock and the bell chimes telling you your time is up. Mwahaha. I also would like to say the blur is stylistic but really I need new eyes.)
FOUR (my sister aka the character of our halloween story? She gazes up the clock as the twelfth was struck. And she transforms from this cute little <little?! creative liberties…ahem> girl to this cute little monster who eats secrets with her pintails. The more secrets she eat the curlier her hair gets. I love love love her dress and it’s annoyingly adorable collar. It doesn’t fit me so cry cry cry.)
IMG_2948I sure hope that was random enough. That’s all for now…BTW the movies I watched were beautiful! I’m not a regular black and white movie watcher but I really enjoyed them. And the fashion in Blackmail was just swooooon…Soo..got any movie faves? Old movie recommendations?




  1. Watch Priceless, if you haven’t already! 😀 It’s a french film…Louis loves French films so I got to watch it with him. I loved it! 😀

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