Hi there, High tea at Britomart Country Club

Hi there! I finally got around to having high tea! Yay! It’s awesome to have a friend who loves eating out and watches out for GrabOne deals hehe. Anyways Pin and I went over to Britomart Country Club to see what their high tea’s like.

Ahhh…flowers in mason jars, charming.
So the place looks kinda cute with its fake bermuda and everything. I sort of wish they had a mini golf space somewhere. Then I would’ve outfitted myself with some sporty-prep country club chic, haha.
And we’re off to food! When we saw the three tiers of food, Pin and I had the same thought “aw, that’s all?” But we were so full afterwards! Little things can be quite deceiving.

The bottom tier housed the sandwiches. Roast beef & Horseradish (which was funny and interesting to me and I thought…I can put wasabi in a sandwich now.). Salmon, cos lettuce, tomato & cream cheese. Cucumber, cos lettuce, tomato & pesto (Pin liked this the most). There’s also a couple of quiche-y muffins in the middle. (My descriptions are useless I know, haha.)
In the middle tier we have scones with cream and preserves. Love the strawberry preserves. I actually really liked their scones too. Note to self: need to make scones for breakfast! As usual I piled my piece with cream. Can’t help it…haha.
scones and pin
And finally at the top we have the sweets. Yay! Itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny…passionfruit & white chocolate cheesecake, rosewater meringue, lamingtons & red velvet cupcakes. They’re not that small actually. I’m just used to only having one big piece of dessert in front of me. haha. I enjoyed the cheesecake the most, with a bit of sprinkling of crumbled meringue. Sweeeeeeet. The cakes were soft & moist so that was good too. They’re all so cute together.
desserts plate
Not complete without our cups of coffee. I know we should’ve gone with tea because…well it is high tea. But we just love our coffee too much.
high tea and coffee
So this has been another episode of ladies who lunch. Stay tuned for the next episode, “Will we ever have actual tea in our high tea? Maybe not because we’re thinking of champagne next time”.
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IMG_2988Ahh food & coffee. Always the reason for that satisfied grin across my face.
Okay that’s all for now. See ya!



    • haha thanks Pat 😀 I think it is, you do get a lot of stuff and you do get full in the end. haha. I expect the higher the price range the more exquisite the tiers’ contents would be.

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