GAOP: Old Movies

Oh hello dears. Yes a round of my vanity this time around again haha. I haven’t had an outfit post for a while so here’s the latest Gasp! An Outfit Post! Old Movies…

Old movies because this is the outfit I wore when I watched Easy Street and Blackmail in a fancy schmancy way at the Civic with live orchestra. It’s too awesome not to dress up in a themed way. My sister told me I would fit in Hitchcock’s film.
I’m posting the black and white photos just so I can pretend I’m so classy and vintage with my fur and everything. Darn…my glasses are modern looking though…and my faux fur is covering my real pearls haha.
Blackmail is a thriller…so well I wore blood red bwahahaha…
And bam we’re back to colour.
love my hat! so fluffy and and comfy and cute.
and here’s a photo of me outside the Civic theatre
And it’s not an outfit post without the whole outfit! here’s me slightly awkward and stiff. Partly because of the cold and the other bit because of the other people around haha
And here’s a bit of comedy for you. Me and my sister.
okiedokie, that’s all for now. Tell me what you think. Check out some of the photos I took that night here
IMG_2941Aww yeah details…Glassons dress, JayJays jacket, faux fur capelet from a Japanese shop, Osiris glasses, wool hat from uni market stall, thrifted shoes, mom’s bag and tights.

See ya!


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