One two three F.O.U.R.! Four Others Under the Rainbow time again. You know I notice that my FOUR posts get more attention than most of my food posts etc. It’s kind of funny because this is just the extra part of my blog where I just ramble on and put random photos. So thanks for liking my extra-ness. And to think I only started FOUR posts because I didn’t want my blog to be too idle when I’m not baking/going out/taking vain-y photos of my outfits.

And we’re back to regular programming.

ONE (Carousel. You should’ve seen my eyes when I first saw this in the middle of the city centre. I mean it’s not grand or anything. It’s small with lights and there were just a couple of little kids riding on it as it turned merrily along. I think we all went through that stage when riding a fake adorned horse was the best thing ever. Just seeing stuff that remind of those gleeful years make us feel awesome. I mean seriously. You should’ve seen the amount of people taking photos of this carousel. The ratio between picture-takers and actual riders were 10:1.  On an unrelated note… when I became a teen carousels made me feel sick. Not roller coasters or crazy rides. But carousels. And don’t even get me started on those spinning cup rides.)
TWO (Look how cool my artsy English and Film major sister is. Just chilling with Hemingway while we waited for our burgers. And because bookmarks are too mainstream she bookmarked her book with a tea bag. No, my sister is not hipster. Those are prescription glasses. Anyways it’s always amusing when my sister talks about a film or book she’s getting into. She’s always selling them to me. Like she’s selling her degree to me. I’m sold of course. I have a science degree but my heart is in the arts. You should’ve seen my transcript, all my As where in arts haha. But hey it was still wonderful to have learnt about long term potentiation and the pharmacological effects of drinking grapefruit juice with your meds and all that.  )
THREE (Shot like a creeper in the bus. I didn’t mean to. I was just experimenting in the bus. Last month there was a photography contest where you send in a photo you took while you’re using public transpo. Would’ve been nice to win all those free bus rides. I didn’t enter because there isn’t much in my photos. This looks nice though. My sis wants to use this as a shot when she makes another short film. Hehe. Anyways I like this girl’s hair clip.)
FOUR  (I always pass by this bench but rarely see anyone sit here. Maybe because it’s too cold out to be hanging around this area these days. It’s a commemorative bench. It’s really nice to commemorate people but why benches? I have never seen a commemorative door. If I become a professor with influence then I die will they put my name on a door? How about a window? Maybe they’ll go back to this blog post and say ‘that’s what she would’ve wanted’. Besides its commemorative properties I really like this bench. Photos of empty benches or a person sitting alone are always supposed to be sad. But I really like to hog a space for myself, the emptiness is bliss. )
IMG_2705Okiedokie that’s all for now. See ya!


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