Random Eats!

Nom nom nom…

Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. I was busy munching away random foodstuffs and whatnot. And that’s what this post is all about. Just random things I ate (but didn’t make myself) and took photos of.
First off…random food court.
And this big plate of Pad Thai…nom nom! This was yum and super filling. My friends suggested this dish in this food court, “it’s really massive” they say. The plate came and I’m like meh..I can gulp this down. Half a plate later…”hey want some of my pad thai?”. Harhar.
Dun-dun-dun taro milk tea! Love them! Fun thing about this photo that I didn’t notice until I uploaded the photo on flickr.. on the label, Philippines and New Zealand are next to each other. And Korea is nearby yay! If only geographic locations reflect this.
My fave lunch in university. Butter Chicken! It’s not very photogenic but it tastes awesome. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t taste very authentic…I’ve only ever had butter chicken at uni. Haha.
I didn’t bake anything on my birthday. But my mom did buy these sweets…I like the neenish tarts..the cupcakes. Not so much. hehe. They were fun for taking photos tho. I woke up thinking mom was baking something for me..but nah..she was just opening the packages she bought them in 😛
Tea and coffee time!
With a side of muffin!
the coffee fixes were my friends. I have this mini bucket of tea.
comparison…I could literally wash my face with the amount of tea in that mug.
And here’s a random photo of a coke bottle. I like them in glass bottles. So cute. I was going to bring it home but my sis gave me the don’t-you-dare-start-hoarding-bottles-in-our-room look. You can also see a bit of one of the best chips in town.
and I will finish this post with my sister about to enjoy one of our fave burgers from Burger Fuel. So big you need one of those burger holders.
nom nom nom
that’s all for now.
Happy Random Eating!

Here’s a previous Random Eats post 😀



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