Hola! It’s the return of  Four Others Under the Rainbow! Why? Because taking random photos will keep me a little sane during the exam prep period. All assignments have been submitted and the only thing left is to do well on exams. My hands will ache under the strain of writing reviewers. When the pain is too strong I will pick up the camera and shoot randomly haha. (Then you’d tell me why not just type your stuff out? —but—too much computer=eye strain-it’s not too easy to handle when your eyes are like the desert [I can’t cry naturally, no tears to relieve my eyes], and it feels like I don’t remember things I type versus things I write…gasp..does this mean I won’t remember typing this post?!)

ONE (It’s definitely fitting to start a random post with a random event. Here’s a scene from a crossing at Queen Street. Orange people flashmob. Pin and I even saw a psych tutor/lecturer in that pack. They also made us wonder how many times they’ve been doing their flashmob dance. Fun times. )

TWO (two owls. I’m not much of an owl person but this was so cute. A silent conversation between two stuck birds. My friend Pin got it for me as a birthday present too yay! I was like a kid, pointing which one I wanted haha. At least my friends are  used to my childish ways.)

THREE (artsy moment at the bus stop. I just spent a lot of time staring at this church-y building that I had take a photo already haha. Love the shadow, branches and window. Dramaaaaa)

FOUR (four people. one photo. my friend Darls made me a photobook for my birthday! The photo was taken back in 2009. It seems so long ago. Way back when we all sat on the same classes. Aww nostalgia. This photo is on facebook but there’s just a kind of magic when you’re looking at the physical picture. Hmmm)
IMG_3401So that’s it for now! See ya!


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