GAOP: Stripes and Some Pink

The blog’s feeling a little alive again! Yay! and now… Gasp! An Outfit Post! It’s the first outfit post I’ve really edited. Whatcha think? Like the playfulness or should I stay au natural like my old outfit posts? we goooo

I flippin’ love these sunnies!
I’m really liking this dress too. It feels like a shirt but it’s a dress hehe…can you believe it was originally 100 bucks and I got it for twenty? Oh yeah yeah yeah. (everytime I type Oh Yeah this kpop song is playing in my head. Did I tell you how Kpop addicted I am these days? haha. My favourite right now is MBLAQ :D—On another Kpop note, the purchase of this dress was caused by my black and white phase after U-KISS’s Stop Girl MV release. Harhar.)

I just realised how proper and trendy my outfit here is. I mean I only have 2 prints. On my off days I can have as much as 5 prints on my outfit haha.

Anyways…let’s return to me being fashionable and cool. Yeah right. Hahah. Just a few hours ago my mom was telling me off because my laugh was so unladylike. Aish. Guess I’ll never attract that Kpop crush of mine huh?

Sunnies from Glassons, Dress and belt from Portmans, Earrings from thursdays market stalls at Uni, mom’s old blazer (such a cool office uniform, no? Ach. When I think about it I think mom was my age when she wore this…the only difference was that mom was smoking hot at my age..and well..let’s say I’m cute. hoho) Shoes, thrifted.
Boom Shakalaka. That’s all folks!


11 thoughts on “GAOP: Stripes and Some Pink

    1. yay! someone finally commented on whether the edit’s okay. thank you! woo get a dress while the sales are still on. Actually..I’m not sure if they’re still on haha

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