Random Eats

I’m baaaaaack! Okay I’m not fully back…but in less than a week I will be a free spirit. More regular posting when that time comes wooo!

I have to admit the lack of posting is not just because of my lack of baking/food-related activities. I’m quite full of that, haha. (No wait …actually I haven’t baked anything for a flipping long time actually. Agh just the thought of not playing with the oven makes me cry inside. But…I’m making my family fat…wahh. I’m also ‘trying’ to lose weight –it’s not obvious/I don’t seem serious–harhar–wanna see me do pushups instead? haha)

Agh got sidetracked. I was going to say…ah! My photos haven’t been coming out so well these days. It’s not that my photos were crazy awesome in the first place but my eyes are sooo bad right now and..the world is extra blurry=photos are always off. Time for new glasses, I guess.

On to foood!!!
Coffee at L’asiette. The photo above is my friend Pin’s adorable cup of cappuccino. And here’s a mousse cake I got. Just picked it off their display case..I got it because it reminds me of a dinosaur…hehe.
This isn’t the first time Pin and I snacked in this cafe. I had a post about them before. In fact, Pin got the same things ๐Ÿ˜€ . I just got the cake and iced mocha (later I was shivering a little, d’oh).
I also got some macarons from them again!
They’re just so cute and yum. I got raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, caramel and pistachio.IMG_3339 You know, I had a macaron appreciation post a while back...

Ahh..cafe chapter finished onto some choco choco chocolate.
Dark as night. Bitter as a jilted lover. Richer than a lotto winner. And way more glorious than my attempts at chocolate poetry. Oh 72% cocoa. Oh dark ghana. (Alright I’ll knock it off, now)
With these dark beauty I made guilt-free oreo chocolate mousse tart! This was supposed to be a post on its own but either the food was not photogenic or my eyes were acting up. I didn’t love my photos enough but there’s still a couple I want to share!
Nom nom nom. You have to try this. It’s flipping guilt free y’all. Dark chocolate and…tofu! Glorious silken tofu. Check out the recipe here.
My parents aren’t too in love with dark chocolate so next time I might just go with the 50% cocoa…but other than that this tart is so yummy. Love the texture.It just made me like tofu more.

For the nutella lovers out there, here’s a random photo for you.
Yep that’s all. Short and sweet, that’s how I like meriendas (snacks).

Sweet chapter over. Let’s go Asian. How about some taro mochi?
Can I just say that I love living near an Asian grocery. It’s like having a sari-sari store nearby like back in the Philippines (Sari-sari stores are everywhere in the Phils. In the street where I lived there were three of them. I’d say 20 steps apart from each other.—Sari-sari stores are like the local corner dairy/convenience store, except they’re not. You can’t buy milk in a sari-sari store. Almost everything is in sachets and you order through a window.Oh the random candy 5 pesos can buy). No you can’t buy mochi from a sari-sari store. But if they can market that in sachets you probably could.

Alright. We’re near the end of this show and tell. Let’s cap it off with some Chinese steamboat aka hotpot. It’s the first time I tried one so I was a bit excited. My sister and I came with family friends at around 10pm. The restaurant was almost empty but hey the kitchen isn’t. The ordering was kinda interesting too…they give you a checklist and you tick off the stuff you want to put in your hotpot. It was a large list…Oh and my sis didn’t get the concept at first and almost ate the uncooked meat…
Anyways when the large basin of broth started getting all bubbly excited we tossed everything, meat, veggies..
mix it all a bit
and voila, cooked! Then you dip these into any of the sauces around. And nomnomnom….forget to take the rest of the pictures.
Aw yeah there were cute, little, tasty dumplings too.
IMG_3629Ahh..I feel so full just remembering everything I ate.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed all the random food over here. See ya around!



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