Hello hello hello! Woo it’s a FOUR post! I miss having Four Other Under the Rainbow! I miss my blog! I hope you missed me too! *cricket sounds* no? Aw…um..carry on..

I am officially back baby. Haha. Until the next existential crisis that will fence me off, I will be regularly posting on my blog again. Hooray!

ONE (Oh hai, that’s moi. That’s me with the laundry. I told my sister to come down and help me and she grabbed the camera instead. Oh wells. BTW that’s an avocado tree. It makes me wish I was ten feet tall just so I can get the avocados up high. I’m tired out seeing birds’ leftovers on the ground. There are only a few ones in the low hanging branches and even that’s not even low for me.)
TWO (Filipino dances presentation. I haven’t seen a Filipino dance for a long time. Cultural costumes are always interesting. I really should have my own Filipiniana someday. Anyways this was taken during Ms. Philippines-New Zealand pageant night. I’m not really sure what all these dances (it’s a halo-halo!)are called *googles*…The women in green dresses and sorta sprawled  on the floor are dancing Pandanggo sa Ilaw, they’re dancing with candle-containing glasses on their hands and head. The women at the back holding cloths are dancing Kapa Malong Malong or Sambi sa Malong–the dance basically shows how many ways you can wear a malong (the cloth). The people at the front with fans (+umbrella) are dancing Pagapir, it depicts a royal manner of walking for Maranao people. The small steps and graceful fan manipulation is a sign of good upbringing. And finally, the women with pots are dancing Banga which means pots. Serious banga dancers can have stacks and stacks of pots on their heads. Cool. Wanna learn more? More here.)
THREE (I just really really liked the light at that time. There’s always this moment in the afternoon–usually when it’s sunny—there’s this magical moment when the light hits certain parts of the house beautifully. It’s just so *cue angel music, choirs singing alleluia*)
FOUR (my friends gave me these socks. Did I tell you I love socks? [I love receiving them as gifts. I know socks are one of those stigmatised gifts like mugs but when they’re so cute how can you not?–Actually there was this one time when socks as a gift was awkward…not to me but my sis. My mom was still doing the ‘Santa is real’ gig and bought a TV for me and my sis as ‘Santa’. She forgot to buy her ‘parent’ gift and got my sis Spongebob socks…mwahahah..too obvious mom] Anyways…This one’s so awesome it has ears. When I wore it with my flats it looked like he was wearing a hat. Harhar :P)
IMG_3656Okiedokie that’s all for now folks!

See ya!



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