Dad’s Birthday and the beautiful views of Auckland

Agh I can’t believe my dad turned XXXX years old! (Age censored out to protect concerned party’s ego mwehehe). I mean seriously, my parents do not look like their age. Ahh and I’ve got their genes…so I’m crossing my fingers that I look great like them when I’m older. Haha, like wine… But really you should see my grandpa, if he knew what ‘swag’ was he could say he has it. Someone fell in love with him while he was vacationing somewhere and was ready to petition for him to stay in that country for good. He couldn’t accept the offer because he lied about being sixty when he was already eighty harhar.

Okay enough about the senior and onto the junior (dad and grandpa (and my uncle) have the same names. If my sis and I were males we’d probably have the same name with the 4th and the 5th along with it. Like kings y’know…or popes? ). We went to the Sky Tower on dad’s birthday! If you don’t know what it is, google it. It’s Auckland’s signature infrastructure, a hypodermic-needle looking tower touching the sky. There are restaurants, a casino and a hotel and other things I have not seen yet. We went to a restaurant called Orbit.
PicMonkey Collage
And why is it called Orbit, you ask?
Ahhh…because the restaurant literally rotates to give you a 360 degree view of Auckland, SHAZAM! Say hello to Auckland!
Loved the views!
It was also kind of fun, spinning around. It’s not really noticeable, it’s no spinning teacups so you can enjoy your meal with an ever-changing view.
On to food!
Some bread…the spreads were delicious..I’m not sure what they were but the orange one I can definitely enjoy some doritos with and the paler one tastes like carbonara sauce.
Mom and dad both got the Manawatu coast beef fillet with celeriac and ginger puree, runner beans, sugar snaps and pinot jus.
Here’s what sis ate. Warm goats curd custard with baby beets, brassica, strawberry tomato, honey vinaigrette and crunchy crumbs. I was really surprised when she ordered this…I mean c’mon…no meat? whaat? Who is this person I was sitting next to? My sis is the kind of person who gets withdrawal symptoms when she feels like she hasn’t eaten meat for a long time. Ahhh but I was able to steal some from her plate and the custard was pretty good. But..eek..beets. I don’t like ’em. Reason? I dunno, beets me.
And I got the Rangitakei corn fed chicken with kumara galette, cremini mushrooms, roasted shallots, spinach and vadouvan spices. First off, I think the dish I picked tasted the best haha. Maybe it was the spices that helped, I really enjoyed this dish. Liked the kumara and spinach.I should totally learn how to make this one at home.

Mom and dad paired lunch with some pinot noir. Sis and I went with some rosé.

Aw look at mom’s smile.
And here are my youthful-looking parents
After our lunch, we went to the observatory, to look at the beautiful without the room moving. More photo ops!
Cool screens with 3D views of the city. But then why do you want the screen when you can have the actual thing out the window?
Yay we’re floating…not. They also had a glass panel at the elevator. It was so mesmerizing watching that panel while the elevator was rising, I was already imagining an action movie scene where the protagonist zips through the cables to get to the next floor.
Anyways after fully immersing ourselves with the beautiful views of the city, we drove over to Mission Bay to have some dessert. Nom nom…Making your own is funnnn.
PicMonkey Collage2
Yogurrrrrt!!! With lots and lots and lots of other stuff. I wanna say this is healthy, sure the yogurt was 98% fat free but the brownie bits and candies I was piling definitely weren’t so..uh.. whatever, it was great. I want to go there again! These make your own yogurt places are still a bit new around here, hope they pop somewhere near my house hehe.
IMG_3892So that was my dad’s XXXth birthday! Enjoying beautiful views, eating good food and cracking up with family jokes. Oh you know the usual. Check out where we went for dad’s birthday last year

So anyways that’s all for now. Guess my dad’s age at the comments section below, harhar.




  1. omg. i came across your blog when i was briefly looking through camille co’s post comments. im just shocked and quite happy seeing someone live in auckland.. or at least post about new zealand in a blog. it has a tiny population after all. 😛 if youre filipina, i am too XD hiii. :L:L

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