GAOP: Lipstick

Time for Gasp! An Outfit Post. Or another one of those posts where I make you think I’m actually cool. Whuuuuut?

It’s entitled Lipstick because I love my lipstick colour here. I can almost fool you into thinking I know my way around makeup. When I was younger there were those candies placed on lipstick-looking containers (yes everything will always come back to food huh?) and naturally little girls would stain their lips with the pink sticky stuff on the way to eating them. Lipstick candies. Wait so is this one of those?
Can I eat this one? No? But—I’m tempted.
Fine. fine. I’ll move on. Can I just say how much I love these sunnies? Yes, sunnies love again. They’re kind of a sibling of the pair I love in my last GAOP.
So apparently round faced people like myself should steer away from round sunnies because they’re making me even rounder. Guess what…I’d rather look like siopao (meat bun) than stay away from these sunnies. Haha.
My statement necklace also adds pizazz and sort of breaks the monotony.
It’s like black on black on black on black. I’m usually the one who goes for pastels and looks like a dozen colours and patterns barfed on my outfit, so this is slightly different for me.
I can almost look fierce. Maybe?
Ah but my siopao face will never be fierce enough haha. Or even be near serious looking. I’m now thinking of siopao…d’oh!
Screen shot 2012-11-18 at 12.06.37 AM
So anyways this siopao is wearing: sunnies and skirt from Glassons, thrifted top, jacket and necklace from Portmans and Boots from Hannahs.

On a semi-related note, check out the super adorable music video for Lipstick by Orange Caramel. (It’s relevant because we have the same titles and my hair is sort of orange…errr..I’m just deciding to inject a bit of Kpop in my blog randomly ‘kay. Hehe. I can’t help myself.)

Okiedokie. I guess that’s all folks. Gonna raid the kitchen for some siopao now. See ya!
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