Time for another randomness injection brought to you by moi. I’m back to doing nothing at the moment. I know I should act like a grownup and find a freaking job and get my flipping license. But argh I don’t know. I’m reverting to my contented recluse sort of self, reading books, drawing, painting. Someone threaten my with a taser to get out of the house. Haha. Oh wellssss

ONE (Graffiti on a building cover. There’s an old house near Auckland hospital and it’s been cling-wrapped like this. Then art-ed out like this. I thought they cling-wrapped it because they were restoring it, guess they’re not. My bus always passes by here. I’ve always wanted to go down and have some coffee in the boho/hobo place just outside this building. )

TWO (My sister’s halloween costume. She practiced putting on the makeup a few nights before halloween. Super cool. She even wore a wig and everything. It’s supposed to be an expressionist actress.)
THREE (Bananas in pajamas! With a purse! Saw her walking in Auckland Domain. My six year old self got a bit excited when I saw the blurry figure from afar. Looked a bit sad though, not being with the other banana in pajama and all. I am such a child.)
FOUR  (Can you give me a hand? Random white glove at the lily pond at Auckland Wintergardens. I just love the domain, so many pretty things. One of the greenhouses was flipping hot though.)
IMG_4093Okiedokie, that’s all for now! See ya later this week!




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