Hi there! Look at this chill cat. What a cool cat. Yes you can never be a cat. But you can be a cool cat.

Ah random intro over, random post shall begin. Four Others Under the Rainbow here we go!

ONE (What a pretty flower. That is all.)


TWO (Dinosaur skeletons at the museum. How majestic. How massive. How…dead can you get? Museums are always fun, there’s incredibly ancient stuff–like these dudes– and then there’s not so ancient…like 90s stuff. I saw the first Playstation in one of the exhibits. Man…in our house back in the Philippines there’s still a shelf that houses all my games for that Playstation. Next to the VHS tapes that will never be watched again. Soon you’ll see the iPhone 5 in a museum. People will be sighing and reminiscing how Apple maps got them lost. They’d be saying how simple things on phones used to be instead of all the holographic stuff they have. Because people will always have something to complain about with new things. Then the dinosaurs would say ‘Remember the times when we were alive, ahhh those were the days. I could’ve eaten you and your little camera’)

THREE (Cute, creepy puppets. They look like they’re gossiping about the people who look at them in the museum. They remind me of that part in The Sound of Music where they were having a puppet show. I want to watch a puppet show too. Not shadow puppets and not sock puppets.)

FOUR (Gecko, gecko, gecko. I remember when I first learned about geckos. Mom bought me a souvenir shirt from her Thailand trip and it had a little stuffed toy gecko on it. It had gecko info as well. I can’t fit in that shirt anymore, I don’t even know where it is. I wish I wore it when I met Mr. Gecko in the museum. This dude’s alive BTW. He’s a great poser, very ANTM. I don’t think he can smize though.)
IMG_4173Okiedokie. That’s all folks! Drop by again for less random posts. Also drop by again for more random ones too.

See ya!



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