Palitaw The Video

Hi there!

A few months ago, I made some Palitaw. Well, I’ve made palitaw several times after that. This time, my sis made a video of it. So this is like revisiting my old post but through video. Haha.

Palitaw is a Filipino sweet, rice cake . It’s really easy to make (as you will see below). For the full recipe check out my Palitaw post 🙂

In the video, I dunked the rice cake in the coconut mixture, toasted sesame seeds, then sugar. You can always just dunk them in coconut mixture and let the eaters dunk their own palitaw in a bowl of toasted sesame seeds and sugar, so they can adjust the stuff according to their preference. I dunk all out but my parents like  the latter method. And another thing, I used brown sugar in the video but you can use white sugar as I originally posted before.

Check out our other foodie videos: Filipino Polvoron and Mac and Cheese 🙂

Super thanks again to my sister! –> I started editing this video actually but it took me forever and I kinda sucked. Sis saved me wooo!

Nom nom nom. Enjoy!

PS. Music: I Do – Colbie Caillat



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