Random Eats


Hello hello! Hope everyone’s had a good weekend. To cap the week off, here’s some random food I found lying on the sidewalk. Weee….okay so I didn’t. I ate them all though. BTW what do you think of my little cartoon above? I was thinking of making it my permanent Random Eats intro. The cartoon’s based from an extra chibi on the pages of the Ouran High School Host Club manga.

Anyways…Time for nom nom nom, so here’s some eye candy.
Pizza from Sal’s. I don’t always eat pizza from there but it’s always fun when I do. The pizza’s so massive and you kind of have to think up of s strategy in eating it. That or you’re going to look like a toddler learning to eat on your own.

Garlic bread and a pizza slice. No utensils. Just dig in.
Chicken Kebab Salad. I actually got the one in wraps. My friend got the salad which is the de-wrapped version. Yumm..we actually bought this at the kebab place in uni. I didn’t eat much of the kebab in uni because it was next to the butter chicken place. And butter chicken was a flippin’ uni favourite. Now I thought I should’ve noticed it earlier on haha. It’s quite good.
Dilissssss…or anchovies. Here’s the dried anchovies being pan fried. In Filipino cuisine, dilis is popularly paired with a bowl of steaming champorado (chocolate creamed rice). The combo is a sweet and salty party, my parents love it. That’s what I was pan frying them for too…though I think I kinda burned them…d’oh!
Guacamole. Beautiful, colourful, fresh guacamole. With avocados from the tree in our backyard.
Time for dessert. Here’s some ChocNut. They’re a brand of Filipino chocolate…it’s peanut milk chocolate. But really it’s just sugar. Haha. I don’t know why but the ChocNuts of my childhood seemed more delicious. Oh wells…
Taro Milk Tea at Momo Tea. It was actually the first time I went there. Mmmm milk tea and pearls. Soooo gooood. I wish I could drink this everyday.

Okiedokie! That’s Random Eats. Not much on this post but hey there you go. Haha.

See ya! Check back next time for food or randomness or both 😀




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