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Annyeong haseyo! I’m sort of learning Korean this summer. We’ll see how this goes. Haha. What inspired me to learn? Well..Kpop haha. Agh did you know I stayed up ’til the early morning because of MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)? Haha when one of the red carpet hosts, Danny, said that the whole thing was 6 hours long I thought it was a mistake. But dang…it wasn’t. The video stream with english commentary wouldn’t load and was really delayed so I watched the video stream on the Mnet site. During most of the talky portions I kept wishing I knew korean already. It was fun though because I was chatting with other Bigbang fans in NZ on facebook. We were all dying to see Bigbang. We all started watching the red carpet event at 8 or 9 waiting for Bigbang who didn’t come out. Haha. They showed up during the performance which was around 1:30am, d’oh. But it was awesome. I was fangirling silently (but loudly online). There were lots great performances from different artists. Flippin’ G-dragon changed his hair from blond in the beginning of the show, to bright red in Bigbang’s performance. Epik High’s villain costumes were..epic! I’ve seen Psy’s Gangnam Style for the nth time but it was still cool. Ailee, Sistar, Gain, Troublemaker ahhh so many of them… superepicawesomesauceness!

Anyways it’s time for Four Others Under the Rainbow. Smooth transition. I know.

ONE (My sister took this photo. It’s very ‘A Bug’s Life’ isn’t it? Just imagine my sister looking a little funny and sort of crawling on  our backyard to take this photo. Ah so pretty though. Seeing daisies grow freak my parents out though, it means the lawn needs trimming and it’s growing faster than they want to mow it down. When we first moved, we used garden scissors to cut the grass. It was fun at first, like the first few minutes. But then the frog-like position you have to do and stubborn grass were not encouraging factors to keep up that type maintenance. Sometimes you just want to say ‘stop growing grass!’ Oh wellssss……)
TWO (This is such a creeper photo when I think about it. I took this at Albert Park. I don’t even know the person. I was just so happy to see a grownup blowing bubbles in the park. Can we be friends? Bubbles! I want a bubble machine. Can I have one, pwease?)

THREE (You know I don’t know why I included this photo. Hmm…I have to make up something, right? It’s a voodoo mannequin to make my favourite Kpop star fall for me (Bigbang’s Taeyang or MBLAQ’s Thunder or Rain or Steven Yeun—yeah he’s not a Kpop dude but hey he’s Korean haha)…without me going to Korea. Pfft…harhahrhar. You know my mom’s starting to make boyfriend jokes at me…which is so weird because she’s always been horrified at the thought of me having one. But I guess she’s only joking like that because I rarely go out, making it improbable that I will get one-unless it’s imaginary. 😛 Oh mom.)
FOUR (Steps to the Human Sciences Building in uni. The only reason I go there these days is to hang out with babies and toddlers at the Early Learning Lab (ELLA). Weee…. check us out here. My friend, Pin, and I interviewed the director of ELLA. We haven’t posted the full interview but check out the teaser post for it, featuring my cartoon of Dr. Henderson here :D)
IMG_2706Okiedokie. That’s all the randomness I have for you today! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Check back again for randomness or food or both! See ya!




    • Yay bubbles! Hmm I should have a bottle of bubbles in every bag. 🙂 I actually just randomly start blowing bubbles around the house. Even my parents have fun

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