Mitarashi Dango and video


Here I am pretending to be an anime character in Japan again. According to one of my favourite youtubers, runnyrunny999, Mitarashi Dango is one of the most famous dangos in Japan. He also said to try it at least once in your life…so I tried it. It’s fairly easy too, so making those things are always fun.

While I was learning about dangos, I stumbled upon a cute anime called Clannad (ahh well I stumbled via the comments section on youtube…everyone was Clannad this and that so I had to check it out). I’ve only seen a few episodes but it’s so cute. The dango connection there is the main character’s obsession with big dango families (I still don’t know why…probably comes up in a later episode.)  and the ending song of the anime. Dango, dango, dango….

Anyways…let’s go back to  dangos in real life.
(and my attempt to be neat with ingredient placement)
Aren’t they so cute? I was so tempted to put googly eyes on them
But since I wanted to eat them sans synthetic eyes this will do…
IMG_4394Anywaysss my sis and I made a video of me making these dangos. Yay! Again this isn’t an instructional video –just a “hey I think it goes this way” sort of video.

Check it out 😀

So I’ve seen more than one way of making these dangos. That was just one way of making them. I’m obviously not Japanese so I got my method from here.

The first time I tried to make these dangos I failed because the stove ran out of gas. 😦 I had to do the steam method with our microwavable steamer–that kind of sucks at steaming really. So I had weirdly cooked dangos..then just used maple syrup as the sauce substitute. You would sort of know this if you follow me on Instagram because I shared this haha. So yeah follow me–> sweetsandbrains (oh wow how did I come up with that?!)
I have to admit that I’m not too  crazy about the sweetened soy sauce. Maybe if I sweetened it a bit more. It was definitely interesting so I still recommend you try it out. I imagine that pairing the sauce with fish balls would be fantastic. My sister dipped spring rolls on them and liked it too. Versatile sauce.

I want to make these dangos again. Maybe with some red bean paste 😀 Adzuki beans where art thou?

Mitarashi Dango 

1/2 cup Joshinko (Rice Flour)
1/2 cup Shiratamako/mochiko (Sweet/Glutinous Rice Flour)
2 tsp. sugar
2/3 cup (150ml) warm water

sweetened soy sauce:
100ml Water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

-Combine rice flour, glutinous rice flour and sugar in a bowl.
– Slowly add water while kneading the dough until it becomes smooth. The texture/softness is supposed to be like an “earlobe”. (I know..I had to touch my earlobe harhar)
– Divide the dough into equal portions until you get 24 balls.
– Place the balls into a pot of boiling water.
– When the balls float to the surface, let them float there for 1 minute then take them out of the pot and transfer into ice water.
– Drain well and put three balls into each skewer.
– Grill the dangos. Heat a pan and brush a little vegetable on it then grill. Or you can grill the dangos on direct heat on the stove top (on medium high) for 4 minutes, rotating it slowly to char them a bit.
– For the sauce, combine water, soy sauce, sugar and corn starch. Heat over medium heat and keep stirring until consistency becomes slightly thicker ( in the video.)
– Place dangos on a plate and drizzle the sauce lightly on top.


4 thoughts on “Mitarashi Dango and video

    1. Oh wow hi Nami thanks for dropping by 🙂 Your blog is awesome! And glad you liked the video 😀 My sister takes the credit for most of it though..I am still terrible at editing haha

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