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Hello helloooooo. It’s time for Four Others Under the Rainbow. What updates do I have to share? Hmm.. not much. Summer is here…it’s getting hot. Yay! Of course I’m enjoying the outdoors and walking around with sunscreen. I’m still waiting on whether I’ll be able to study Early Childhood Education next year. Fingers and toes crossed. I can almost read hangul! Really really really really slowly. Haha. I still mix up and forget some stuff and it’s obviously not functional yet but hey I’m on my way 😀

Anyways on to the random post!

ONE (Went to family friends’ house and was taking photos. Being the shorty that I am I said “I wish there was a ladder or something for me” I backed up and there it was! Okay..that’s not really magic because they were renovating the house so there would be a ladder nearby. The timing was just nice. Yeah..I have hobbit-like feet…)

TWO (Paintbrush with dried paint. It was just kind of cute being weathered and lying there. It was asking for a photo.)

THREE (Sunset. The view from our family friends’ house is spectacular. I wish I had enough camera skills to nicely capture the moment. Ahhh this will do for now, yeah.)

FOUR (City lights. Driving back home, we had to go through the harbour bridge. Just kept snapping away and whaddya know? I got lucky in this shot. Haha. The Sky Tower’s lit up and all festive with red and green.)
IMG_4629That’s all for now. Not too chatty in this post. Ah I don’t know…not much to say these days.

See ya later for other sorts of randomness!



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