GAOP: The Rose Garden

Hello hello! Look an outfit post. Yay! This was taken when I was at the Parnell Rose Gardens here in Auckland. Oh beautiful summery days. You make me dress up all princessy and girly and twirl around and skip around.
Roses, roses and roses all over the place.
Roses, roses and roses even on my dress! 😀

Ooops you can see my weirdly nail polished toe…haha.

Here’s some other details… My earrings from mom’s Thailand trip super long ago. My glasses are Country Road from Specsavers.
And I was feeling princessy so… a sparkly headband–I don’t really know where it’s from. It just sparkled out of nowhere. Haha.
Yes..princessy ultra girly sandals for this look. Haha. This is quite old too and I bought it probably 6 years ago in the Philippines. And now they’re my only sandals. Oh wells. ( accepting free summer sandals haha)
Hold on. There’s a different detail over there.
Mr. Busy Bee inside that flower! And yes I totally freaked out when he started buzzing towards the me!

Dress from Dotti,  shrug (?) and belt from Portmans.IMG_4818
So that’s my outfit for that day!
See ya later, bye 🙂


4 thoughts on “GAOP: The Rose Garden

      1. Haha! I’m too intimidated by the prices to even venture inside to search for sale items. Crazy, huh?! Good on you for nabbing lovely discounted goods though!

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