Random Eats


Hello everyone 😀 Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I definitely enjoyed mine!..or my stomach did. The holidays went by so fast and it kind of set me reeling when I realised how much I ate in such a short amount of time.

So here’s a Random Eats post. The Holiday Food Coma edition.
First off…dessert. My aunt is a mean-ass cook and baker. And she made this awesome red velvet cake when we came over to their house on boxing day. Nom nom nom…and I flipping love the cream cheese frosting. I need to make that.
fuh-ried chickennnn and super duper tasty potatoes
Gotta get your greens and I’m not talking about the Christmas tree.
Mom’s chicken stir fry noodles.
Mom also made roast turkey wrapped with bacon. This was for Christmas eve dinner.
And spaghetti!
More meat! This time it’s roast pork. Nom nom nom. Best thing about it is the crunchy skin.
And this was paired with bagoong rice. Bagoong is fermented fish or shrimp paste. It sounds weird for the non-Filipinos but it’s great with a lot of dishes. It’s popular in street food in the Philippines where it’s spread on a green mango on a stick. For this rice, mom made fried rice then added the bagoong.
Another one of my favourites from my aunt’s place is her pesto pasta. I really should try making my own pesto. It’ll probably be fun to do.
Don’t forget the cheeseboard. Blue cheese is a no go for me. But cheddar and camembert are good friends for my crackers.
Almost finished! More desserts!
Mouse cake.
Profiteroles…yummm. And my sister’s hand grabbing the little golden deliciousness.
Ahhh so that’s it. Wash it all down with some bubbly.
Ahhh so that’s my food coma post. What have you enjoyed eating during the holidays? 🙂


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