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Wassup 2013!

First post for the new year. I’m currently deciding on what should be my permanent FOUR intro logo so last time’s FOUR logo stays. Haha. The first couple of days of 2013 turned out beautiful in terms of weather. And here in New Zealand, that’s called beach weather baby! So obviously Four Others Under the Rainbow will be by the beeeeaaaach.

I am not fond of swimming in the beaches here in New Zealand. The water’s too cold in my opinion. But sometimes you just have to dip in a little longer to appreciate it. Haha. Well cold water’s not the only thing that made beach swimming aversive for me during the few years of living here. The first time I tried swimming in the beach here 5 years ago I sort of had a bad skin reaction. I don’t know why. Oh well. I swam again a few days ago and it seems like my skin and NZ waters are friendly with each other now. Huurrah!

ONE (Mr. Fisherman. There were several people fishing in the area where we were swimming. My sis and a couple of our friends were playing around and telling each other super duper cheesy pickup lines—I don’t really remember what spurred that on. Anyways swimming near a fishing line someone cracked, “Girl are you a fishing line?…’cause you got me hooked on you!” Yes we are that cheesy.)
TWO (My sis at the beach. She said that there were small caves over there but I couldn’t get to where she was because I didn’t want to accidentally take my camera for a swim. On the other hand, doesn’t the beach look great?)
THREE (Drawing double infinity in the sand. Like on the TV show Revenge. It’s pretty cool but they still haven’t aired the new season in NZ. The beach on that TV show looks great–they’re supposed to be in the Hamptons–but the beach isn’t real! Oh the glorified blue screen. )
FOUR (Mussels! My friend Adrienne kept on stopping to stoop over rocks and scream “mussels!!!”. These are still too small to take home and eat. But it still makes me feel a bit hungry for some baked mussels. Mmmmm. )

That’s it for a beach-y random post. Gone to the beach lately? (Well y’know if it’s not winter in your part of the world)

See ya!


2 thoughts on “F.O.U.R.

  1. I completely understand what you mean by bad skin reaction! For a while I thought I was allergic to NZ sea water (How ridiculous is that?!) or something.

    And I sort of want to watch Revenge now because the beach + ‘revenge’ sounds like a great combo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, I love all the stuff you make with Polyvore! How do you do it?!

    1. Haha I kinda thought of that myself before. I wonder why we got that kind of reaction? Is it because we’re used to tropical waters?

      The characters on Revenge are interesting. Specially the main, Emily:D

      The polyvore thing is really easy. You can use any photo..kinda like how you would Pin stuff..but to your polyvore..if the photo has a white background it can become superimposable with other photos ๐Ÿ˜€ there’s tons of clothes and patterns and whatnot

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