Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 9.35.36 PM by Lee Hi is playing in my head right now. Why?  Because it’s time for a new round of Four Others Under the Rainbow. Yay! Okiedokie random post here we go.

ONE (An open cookbook outside a vintage shop in K’ Road. Ahhh it looked so enticing just sitting there being a book and all. I wanted to get it but it was too expensive. *Sugary tears* I tend to skimp on buying books because Auckland has an awesome library system and is always updated with almost everything. I only really buy when it’s 20 bucks or under and this was around 50. Oh well.)
TWO (A colourful top. It’s like the top in inception but more eye catching. So cute. I have no use for it though. I imagine this would be cute as earrings but probably a bit too heavy for that.)
THREE (My sister’s hair in the morning. She styled her hair in the evening when she woke up the remaining hairspray styled it in a different way. If she fixed it a bit more it can look like Wolverine’s)
FOUR (Details on my skirt. I love it when neon is girly. I really like this skirt but it’s the type of skirt that’s only comfortable until I have to eat. Hehe. )
IMG_5205That’s all for this random post. I’m running low on words, aren’t I?

See you next time. I’ll probably have more to say. Haha.

To compensate, here’s Lee Hi’s song. The music video is on a cute, awkward  side but it grew on me. Haha.


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