Liebster Award

Heya! Pat from The Wannabe Empress tagged me for a Liebster Award . Yay! Thanks Pat. I know Pat from uni and it’s awesome to see her blog blossom into a cute, quirky one like her in real life. Check out her blog ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s celebrate with an imaginary tea party. t’s too hot to have tea sooo this will be an imaginary iced tea party haha.

Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 9.17.00 PM

ย The Liebster award goes like this: I’m going to share 11 random facts and answers to the questions posed by the award giver -Pat!- Then I’m going to nominate 11 awesome bloggers and ask another set of 11 random questions!
Okay, here we go!
Random Facts about me
1. I want to have ice cream at the exact moment I’m typing this list. It’s so hot and I’m slightly hungry but there’s no ice cream in the house. Our freezer doesn’t even have sufficient freezing qualities and the ice cream turns to mush.
2. I recently joined a group who will dance Sinulog here in Auckland. It’s kind of funny because I’ve never seen Sinulog, not in the Philippines and not even here. Since the group is mostly Cebuanos it’s really stretching the little Cebuano/Bisaya I know. I can understand a little but I haven’t tried speaking. When some people talk to me in Cebuano I answer in Tagalog or English whahaah.
3. I am terrible at remembering people’s names. I feel really bad about it, especially if they remember my name. I don’t even know the names of half the people in my Sinulog group. I wish that if I stare hard enough people’s names will flash on top of their heads. But they don’t and I’m stuck calling people “Hey” and “Hi”.
4. I go jogging almost regularly now but not because I’m serious at exercising–I guess I should be. My house is just too hot and being outside is more comfortable.
5. I feel bad for my teen self because she (and most people in school) thought she was fat. When I looked at my old photos from that time I was actually quite normal. The people around me were just too skinny.
6. My left wrist is dramatic. It acts up every now and then. I had it checked and the specialist said that there was a bubble between the joints or something. I could have surgery to make it go away but if I can live with the pain it’s not necessary because it’s not impeding any function. So my funny wrist and I are still together. I have good pain tolerance- I can even do pushups and it doesn’t hurt that much.
7. I want to get better at indoor rock climbing. My friend and I tried it impulsively one time and we got hooked. I love the climb but I’m not fond of falling or going down- it feels like an almost wedgie.
8. My family just randomly breaks out into dancing at home. It’s always a display of weird, cheesy dance moves. No, I will not post a video. I plan to live with my parents for a while and I don’t want to get kicked out hahahahaha.
9. I’m addicted to watching cooking and baking stuff on Youtube.
10. I have size 5 feet but lots of shoes have sizes that only go down to size 6. They don’t even have half sizes here in NZ. Lots of my shoes are not the exact size for my feet haha. It sucks.
11. I always share cute cat or dog photos with my sister and we both go “Awwwwwww”. Always.
Questions from Pat
  1. Name two bloggers you look up to and why. Yay! I’m really happy I get to choose two. One for fashion and one for food!ย Camille Co – I love her style and she’s really hardworking. It’s really awesome that she’s a fashion designer and achieved so much when she’s only a few years older than me. Heather Baird – Her sweets are always so whimsical. She’s not just baking, she’s making works of art! I mean just check out this gingerbread hobbit house.
  2. Do you prefer baking or cooking?ย Baking! Definitely. I don’t cook much. My sweet tooth is the main reason I got interested in baking and there’s just more room for sweet things in baking than in cooking. I love the aroma of freshly baked pastries wafting throughout the house.
  3. Describe your dream bedroom.ย Something girly and princessy. High ceilings, white or light pink walls. And a nice painting of the sky on the ceiling. I want the sunlight to pour into the bedroom through large windows and elegant French doors that lead to a balcony. I want a really really really nice and spacious walk in closet that leads to a large en suite bathroom with a big bathtub. A big, elegant bed. A beautiful desk next to a wall of books. Hehe..I really am dreaming.
  4. Apple, Microsoft or Linux?ย Apple…our household almost has everything except the iMac. Yeah. I’m one of those. What can I say? It’s attractive and easy to use.
  5. Would you consider dancing in the middle of a train or bus? What if someone paid you?ย I’d probably consider it, especially if I’m not alone haha. It could be fun. That would be awesome if someone paid me…though if it’s just me I’d probably not want to do it so much. I’d rather dance in the middle of the train because there’s more stability and less likely to have sudden stops that’ll send you sprawling face first. But then if it’s in the middle of the bus I can always go down on the next stop after I realise how embarrassing it all was haha.
  6. Zombiiiiiieesss are coming! They want your brains! What is your weapon of choice?ย A long thick metal rod. So I can whack them before they get close. I could sharpen the end so I can pierce their brains before they come at me. An enormous machete would be nice to have too. I can’t use guns or arrows because I don’t have shooting experience and that needs accuracy, that’ll be even more difficult when you’re running away. But rather than fight I’ll just really run super fast and hide really well. Confrontation always gets people killed. Man oh man I love zombie movies. I love Walking Dead too.
  7. What are your blogging goals for the year?ย Get more views and followers ๐Ÿ˜€ I also aim to talk/write better, not just blog like a seven year old on a sugar high. That’s what I seem to be like when I looked at my other posts. I want to interact with more bloggers too! Hopefully my photos get better too.
  8. What languages do you speak? If you could learn any, which would it be?ย I can speak English and Tagalog. Knowing some Japanese, Spanish and Korean doesn’t count because I’m not really fluent in those languages. I’d like to learn more of those and improve my abilities in those languages. Learning some French would be nice too, because I want to go to Paris someday but it’s not on my priority list haha.
  9. Facebook or Twitter?ย Facebook. I can’t keep up with Twitter so much–I like it for the celebrity stalking capabilities of the platform haha–But then the Korean celebrities I follow post in Korean and I have to translate it..I can read it but it doesn’t really make sense to me haha. I also get to talk to more people on Facebook. I should probably make a Facebook page for my blog huh. I’ll put it on my list.
  10. You find $10,000 on the street. What do you do?ย I want to say that I’m going to report it. But I’m not so sure haha. I probably will report it, I already feel guilty from thinking I won’t. It’s such a big amount, someone was probably going to use it to pay for something important if they’re carrying so much cash. If it’s stolen, they could track the money in some way too–it’s double crazy to steal something stolen. Leave 100 bucks on the street I’ll keep it for myself haha.
  11. What’s your favourite Beyonce song? If you don’t like Beyonce, WHY?ย Love On Top and Diva. I have the same birthday as Beyonce. I’d like to think there can be a transfer of fabulousness because of that commonality.

11 people to tag!

1. ??? (For anyone who might want to do this :D)
2. Bunny Eats Design
3. Playing with Flour
4. jeulbakes
5. Natural Euphoria
6. Life and Me
7. Easybaked
8. Gitanna
9. The Necessary Blog
10. Sugar Dumb Lady
11. The Bosom Cupboard

11 Questions for you

1. If you could transport to one place at this very moment where would you go?
2. List the first three things you think of when you see the colour purple.
3. In a chase, would you rather be the celebrity or the paparazzi?
4. What’s more romantic, kissing in the rain or kissing during sunset?
5. What instruments do you play? If you could learn any, what would it be?
6. If your house is on fire and you can only grab two things, what would they be?
7. Pizza or pasta?
8. High tea or cocktail party?
9. What would you say to your 10 year old self?
10. What do you love most about yourself?
11. Name 3 of your inspirations, dead or alive.

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff. But it’s kind of fun to do. So if you want to do this but you’re not on my list, tag number 1 is for you ๐Ÿ˜€ If you decide to do this please link back to this post, I’m feeling curious. Heheh

Okiedokies, see ya!

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    1. You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh man I need more of The Walking Dead. Should’ve asked a zombie question for you to answer too. Like how long do you think you would last in a zombie apocalypse?

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