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Hello hello. It’s time for another Four Others Under the Rainbow! Yay! It’s on a little late but at least I finally got myself to post it . Whew.

Ack! Uni’s about to start for me next week and I’m super excited for it. Same university but different campus and different faculty. We’re  moving houses this week too, I really should get my packing underway. So many things happening and I’m on such a happy patch. And to think I’ve been so so so down in the dumps just a few months ago.

Alright, to infinity and beyond (but really just in Auckland, New Zealand)!
ONE – My sister. The Portrait of The Pissed. Nah, she’s alright. She’s just squinting at the sun. Little did we know that this photo was actually an omen of our little movie misfortune. We went to the city to watch Gangster Squad, not knowing it was R16. Being the little asians that we are, our faces did not seem to pass for 16 and we needed ID. We didn’t have that. So my sister’s face became pissed for real. A remedy through some Japanese curry and some window shopping made sure that the face was not permanent.
TWO – Auckland city as seen from the Harbour Bridge. In one of my previous posts, I have a photo of the cityscape at night. Here it is with bright blue skies. I’m feeling proud of living in New Zealand these days thanks to this post. Just reminded me how awesome it is to be living here even though I miss our family in other countries. New Zealand would be perfect if only houses weren’t so damn expensive.
THREE – Some sound system controls at the North Shore Events Centre during Sinulog. This was backstage, or off-limits black curtain area where our dance group scurried around pinning flowers in our hair and hoping other people wouldn’t come so late. It was interesting joining a dance group again even though it wasn’t a big deal. The hardest thing about the dance was practicing the formation when different people are absent in different days. But it was fun in the end, I definitely want to learn more dancing.
FOUR – Empty seats. I took this photo during rehearsals they day before Sinulog. It looks cold and eerie. But the lines and the emptiness looks attractive through the lens.
IMG_5842That’s all for now folks!

See ya next time for more randomness 😀



2 thoughts on “F.O.U.R.

  1. Love the photos as usual! 🙂 Wish I’d gone to Sinulog now :)) I probably should have since I’m from Cebu -.- xD Glad you had fun!!!!

    And did you have your uni IDs on you for the movie? I kicked up a fuss, so they allowed us with just the uni IDs one time. xD

    1. Thanks 😀 We just the uni ID would be okay. It would kinda make sense for the uni ID to work since you expect people in uni to at least be older than 16. But Oh well haha 😀

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