GAOP: Blue Summer Skies

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Hello hello world!

It’s been a lil crazy in our household during the last few days. We’ve been packing stuff into boxes and tomorrow we’re finally moving the big stuff into our new apartment. I complained about how annoying it was to have so many clothes–I had to put some of them in garbage bags because the boxes ran out. You’d think that will put things into perspective like “Gee, I have all the clothes I need and so much more, there’s no point in shopping for more closet fillers”—but nooooo. My brain isn’t logical like that.

Alright, on to the actual post!

This is my most casual outfit post, I think. It’s just shorts and a shirt. But when the temperature is up and the day is beautiful, I don’t want to fuss so much.
It’s very reminiscent of our recent vacation at Mt. Maunganui. It was an awesome break from all the packing and box lifting of our reality.
I want to dive into my shirt’s print. The water seems so refreshing. Tropical beaches I miss you. Beaches in New Zealand are really beautiful but the water isn’t always inviting. They can be too cold or too scary.
Ahhh but who cares? When you’re on the beach, there’s nothing to do but enjoy it (and enjoy the view *coughcuteguyscough*). My sis and I just played jump-rope with the waves. Seriously, the rip current was so strong it could drag us away while we were just standing there. No swimming allowed, but still fun.

Okay accessories time! I just followed the colours and motif on my shirt. It was the center of attention. When your shirt says blue skies, you do blue skies.
I’m wearing chucks because I’m lazy and they’re comfy. They also happen to match my shirt’s sleeves. Weee.
Matchy matchy that’s what I am (except for that random belt. I just couldn’t find any at that time).
Equip bow headband, Max shirt, Cotton On shorts and belt, Kagi bracelet (friend’s gift), earrings from Thailand, Converse shoes, My almost derpy smile.

That’s all for now folks, see ya!


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