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Hey there! Teacher-in-training Nelli here. It’s time for another Four Others Under the Rainbow. The course load is picking up these days now. In 2 weeks I’m going to be doing my practicum in a kindergarten. Omygash. I’m so scared and excited for it. I keep telling people that. Haha. I feel like I should tell you guys about it too. Time for more coffee in my system these days mwahaha. Pump up the volume.

Updates done. Here’s my random post in  uno, dos, tres, cuatro…

UNO (Took this during one of our breaks during our roadtrip to Mt. Maunganui. I flipping loved this view. The buildings looked so surreal in this landscape. I love the reflection on the water. It looks like a painting I’ve seen before. It can also look like a scene from a dystopian story haha.)
DOS (Boom! It’s me. Don’t be scared. Haha. Took the fake flowers I used for my Sinulog dance and placed it on my head. Channeling Lana del Rey? I dunno man. It was just one of those moments when I do something randomly and I glanced to my sister and make her take photos of me. Haha. When vanity strikes!)
TRES (Old photo. Outside looking in. Oooh how dramaticsauce. I don’t know just a random photo. )
CUATRO (I sleep at the bottom bunk. I hang some of my accessories at the bottom bunk. It’s the grownup version of the mobile hanging over the baby’s crib. Haha. These are some of my necklaces. And my headbands and bows at the back. )
IMG_6363That’s all for now folks.

See ya around!



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