Random Eats

photo-3Hello there!

Thought I forgot about Random Eats? Impossible. If you check out my instagram, I just put my random eats over there when I’m too lazy to take the camera out haha. But now I have stuff to post, yay!

This post has been on queue (in my head) for a long time and I just haven’t really put it together. I don’t know why. Anywhoooo most of the photos were taken from Filipino food stall during Sinulog…ahh I am so behind..that was about a month ago already haha. Food is food.

Canned fruits for making…
Halo halo!
More more more
Fresh lumpia with a peanut butter based sauce. I love this.
A slice of yema cake! I was really curious what it would taste like. Kind of like dulce de leche I think?
The stalls are like a sari-sari stores
or maybe carinderias?
Filipino spaghetti…oh so sweet. I should try making pasta with this sauce style.
Ah and here’s daing–correct me if I’m wrong. My mom loves this. It’s kind of like dried, smoked fish?
Good ol’ ice candy on a hot summer day.
Ohmahgash, buchi! These are deep fried sesame balls with bean filling. I need to learn how to make these!
Okay so that’s the end of me spazzing through food stalls under the heat of the sun. Here’s some Japanese curry my sis and I ate when she got pissed for not being able to watch that Gangster film. Haha.

And here’s a beautiful salad at my former uni lecturer’s place. Who knew candied nuts would go so well with salad? Nom nom nom the burgers [not pictured, greedily eaten before I thought about photos] were also delish.

Ahhh so that was random eats. Found anything you fancy? Or was it like, whoa…what are these foods?

7 thoughts on “Random Eats

  1. Nice random collection. What is the purple stuff in the first picture? It looks amazing! Did you visit the lantern festival over the weekend? I went on Friday and I tried the Filipino dish Pork Adobo for the first time. I can’t believe I’d never had it before. It’s reminds me very much of a pork belly stew that we have in Cantonese cooking too.

    1. Ahh the purple stuff is ube (purple yam) cake with macapuno (it’s the white stuff made of young coconut). Ube is super awesome, specially ube jam if you can get one. I haven’t been to the lantern festival for the past few years ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Next year I must! Haha. Ooh adobo ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s always nice to find parallel dishes with other cuisines. What’s the name of the pork belly stew?

  2. I want all of it! I love trying new food, and all of this looks so tasty! I was gonna ask what the purple stuff at the top was, but then I read your answer to the comment above ๐Ÿ˜€ It sounds really good.

    1. it is good! ๐Ÿ˜€ I miss having so much ube everything back in the Philippines. Its popularity is like what red bean paste is like in Japan. So many pastries with ube filling. And omgash ube ice cream!

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