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Hello hello! How is everybody?

I miss baking! Waaah…this eating healthy thing is a pain. I’m still not used to it. I do admit I cheat a little and weekends are cheat days. But I realise I’m more mindful of what I eat even when I’m not planning to count calories that day. I didn’t exercise regularly this week though, bummer. I like exercise more than dieting. Now if only I can regulate my sleep (and perhaps drink less caffeine).

I’ll probably need more caffeine starting next week. I’m going to be in a kindergarten for 3 weeks! Yay! I’ll need all my energy to keep up with kids and try to absorb everything I can learn in that experience.

Random update over, time for Four Other Under the Rainbow!

ONE (Cat. I feel sleepy just by looking at him. I used to not like cats. They’re not as sweet as dogs and I grew up with dogs so I am incredibly biased. Now I like cats. I like them enough that being a crazy cat lady seems really possible in the future haha. Unless…unless I move to South Korea and I meet my Kpop crush/es and we fall madly in love. Yeah we’ll stick to crazy cat lady.)
TWO (Meet Noodle the caterpillar. We found him inside our packet of salad. Salad’s so fresh there’s more mother nature than you’d expect. It was fascinating to watch Noodle crawl in and out the contents our what was supposed to be dinner. Haha.)
THREE (Bedroom window. Being on the bottom bunk is still quite entertaining these days. It’s fun thinking of how things are when they’re not. Let me share a piece of Deleuzian thinking on difference and differenciation. See this curtain? It’s not really a curtain right now it’s the lower part of a maiden’s dress. Actually I’m a little kid and I’m seeing this from under the dinner table. Endless, seamless. Different but not? I don’t know man, I’m just trying to get into this being reflective in early childhood mindset.)
FOUR (Only in New Zealand. haha. Clever candies. Found this at a gift shop when we went to Rotorua. Here’s a related post. I feel like having some cow poo and flies, do you? I used to go jogging at Cornwall park. It’s a really massive park with sheep and cows. Boy, there are a lot of those candies lying around.)

More fun candy names anyone?


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