Banana Cupcakes

IMG_6517안녕하세요! Hello! Kumusta! Hola! こんにちは!

I thought I had to beef up the  greeting a bit because I’ve been away for a while. Haha. (Small tidbit: I cheated with the Japanese characters…I can’t read them haha I copied from google. But the hangul is all me 😀 I even had to respell it because I get ㅔand ㅐmixed up. Mwhaha…진자?! Oh don’t know how long it takes me to read and write one word. Haha. 대박 말넬리! ) Truthfully, I’m not progressing in my Korean learning.

On the other hand, my practicum at the kindergarten is wonderful! It takes so much energy and I don’t have a lot of time to do a lot of random things anymore  but the experience is incredible. I always feel a little scared that I transmit some hidden curriculum in my interactions but I’ve only been there for three days and I haven’t written any of my pedagogical reflections so I can’t really dig deep in that part of my head yet. I think this reflexivity required to be a critical teacher is helping me a lot as a person too. I realised I’m not so hung up on random past regrets like I used to. But then I could just be too busy to dig up the drama too. Oh my.

So here’s to digging up the past. I dug up the banana cake recipe I made before and made cupcakes!
But I made the frosting lazy style. Just melted some chocolate and some almond butter left from my valentines treats.
And almonds on top. Just because.
I’m excited to bake with the children at the kindergarten. I’m also scared. I’m not a very collaborative baker. I have to train myself before I invite my friends to bake with me so I don’t end up bossing them.
Gulp…so let’s see what’ll happen if I do bake with the children. Watch out for the clash of children and the very child-like teacher.
IMG_6515Don’t worry. I’m actually good with children. Or that’s what I’d like to think. hahahaha….

Recipe over here. Same temperature but bake it for 20-25 mins instead. And my frosting is 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and 2-3 tbsp of almond butter microwaved for 35-40 secs. Top with slivered almonds.




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