Random Eats (my phone edition)


Hello hello! Here I am with Random Eats. Like what the title says all of the photos are from my phone. Some are from when I had an iPhone 3Gs and the others are from the iPhone 4. Guess which ones are from which phone mwhaha. Some of them I’ve instagrammed, some just looks like they’ve been instagrammed. Which is which?

First off, some Japanese food. It was my first time to eat a a Japanese restaurant where you have to sit on the floor. I loved it. I guess it wouldn’t be so comfortable for taller folks, but I’m little Ms. Short Legs.


I think this was shrimp with yum yum sauce. When my friends and I tasted it we all said ‘yum!’ so the name fits, haha.

Okonomiyaki! Ate it for the first time here. Massive but I ate it all.

Stir fry with crispy noodles. This was dinner. I’m not sure when but I love crispy noodles. I’d eat them on their own. Speaking of noodles, one of the children in the kindergarten was playing with playdough with me a while ago. We were making noodles. The playdough was getting dry so another child said they were crispy noodles.

More asian food. Here’s ddeokbokki. My korean friend brought this for lunch and she even brought extra chopsticks for me and my friends! So sweet. It was the first time I tried this dish and it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be!

Sushi platter! We are sushi eating monsters.

My plate from a Filipino gathering. Got pancit (noodles), fried rice and veggie pizza. This was the first of so many plates…haha

So much food! Lechon!!! Nom nom nom. Haha obviously this post is definitely not for vegetarians. I know that there are a lot of people who freak out when their food have faces. But this dude on a table is a highlight to any Filipino feast.

Jump to some sweet stuff! These are oreo stuffed red velvet crinkles I made for a boxing day get together. Didn’t make a food post because I couldn’t be bothered haha. They were yummy too.

Ice Kacang! It’s Malaysian shaved ice and so tasty too. Tried it for the first time on a hot summer day before I went indoor climbing.

Salmon before they went into the oven and into my belly. Did you know I had this old salmon appreciation post? Haha

French toast for a random breakfast! Not without their complaints. My sister didn’t like it so much because I made it with wholemeal bread.

Macarons! Did you know I have an old macaron appreciation post? Haha. Well y’know I appreciate food. That’s why I have a blog mainly about it haha.
IMG_0403Okiedokies. That’s all for Random Eats. I need to take my camera out for a spin. But I hope this phone edition wasn’t so bad hehe.

See ya!




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