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Hello hello folks! I’m finished with my first practicum at the kindergarten. Three weeks flew by so fast. I’m going to miss the children. I might even miss getting play dough stuck to my shoe everyday.

On to the next round. It’s going to be student life again for a few weeks before I set out on my next practicum. I miss random free time. That’s all for the update here’s Four Others Under the Rainbow!

ONE (Random detail shot of one of the restored buildings at the city campus. Took them almost a year. I like the row of old buildings along Symonds street near the Human Sciences Building. They have a kind of dollhouse colour scheme going on. )IMG_6640

TWO (Last weekend my friend Pin and I went to a few lectures for Brain Day at the university. It was so awesome sitting in the big lecture rooms where  we had our stage 1 papers. Now Pin is doing her masters in health psych and I’m an aspiring preschool teacher. This was someone’s poetry on the poetry board. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to make sense or they wrote it with Wernicke’s aphasia approach. )IMG_6636


THREE (Blurry dog. Just saw it in the building during Brain Day. I love dogs. I want to hug them.)IMG_6633

FOUR (View from the kitchen. This car museum was supposed to open back in 2011. I was quite excited to live nearby. Classic cars are flipping awesome. They never opened. Such a shame. Oh well..cool sign though)

IMG_6565That’s all for now. See ya later!



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