Random Eats!


Hello hello everyone!

Hope your week’s been great. I just realised I have assignments piled up one after another and I have done scant research for them. Typical. My dad’s already kind of lectured me on being organised this morning. And look I still haven’t been posting regularly on the blog too. Awwwwwww… I’m not achieving much these days. Interestingly, I’m not panicking yet. Must be the vast amounts of foods I’ve been consuming. Or because I’ve been baking recently. Baking always mellows me out. No wait, I think I’m just tired from cleaning the house today. Haha.

Okiedokies, random foods to coincide random thoughts. Some of them are from my phone. Hehe. Guess which ones are.

Chocolate and Latte gelato. Auckland is still warm, apparently autumn will be mostly warm. Yay for a sort of an extended summer!

The next photos are from brunch at Rebo in the CBD. Nomnomnom…
Seafood pizza!
Baked polenta. I loved this. The goat’s cheese swimming in the sauce was wonderful.
Good ol’ toast for an afternoon snack. This has salad greens, tuna and aioli. I love aioli on almost everything.
A short stop at a cafe with my friend, Pin. She’s usually my cafe buddy. I don’t see her often these days and my cafe food consumption has decreased. Awwww I miss undergrad with my friends.
She got a sandwich. I got… cake. Haha.

Ah here’s one of my favourite Filipino dishes. Kare-kare. I always eat so much of it when my mom cooks this. It’s veggies and beef and the sauce is peanut butter based. You’re supposed to eat it with a bit bagoong (fermented shrimp)–that’s the dark stuff in the smaller bowl. And of course, it’s not a meal without the rice. Haha. This is really delicious. When I learn how to cook this, I’ll definitely share it with you.

Last but not the least. It’s…. *beep* I made it for my sister’s birthday. Guess what I made. I’ll actually share more of it on the next post.
IMG_0552So that’s it for Random Eats! Leave your random guesses on the random comments below 😀

See ya!





    • thanks! 😀 I like them both actually. Kare-kare is just a bit more special because my mom doesn’t make it as often as she makes adobo. Adobo’s cheaper to make I guess.

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