Microwaved Brownies

IMG_6913Hello hello!

Wow would you look at that, I’m posting again! Yes yes. I’m compensating for those times I’ve been neglecting my blog. The thing is, I didn’t stop making food. It was just that blogging wasn’t on the to-do list when cramming for assignments. It’s midsemester break this week and next week so….Yay!

Speaking of other things I’m going back to, Fall Out Boy! Oh man. I love them so much. They’re still my favourite band of all time.  Save Rock and Roll is on replay. Flipping awesome. Another musician I’m loving is Justin Timberlake. His music is so smooth (and boy, do I love guys in suits). I’m smitten. Okay, since I’m already listing guys I’m kind of in love with let me just add the guys at Sorted Food as well. Their videos are so fun and the food they make is really accessible. Plus, they’re all good looking and funny too. Bonus! Okiedokies, last shoutout to Wong Fu Productions because I love their videos too (and they’re cute too)!

Anyways..Microwaved Brownies! It’s what I make when I’m too glued to the laptop watching all of those guys on Youtube. Not a very healthy past time, don’t worry I’m cutting back…on the Youtube addiction, not the chocolate.

This is my version of cake in a mug but in a bowl. A mug is not enough for me. I still have to share y’know.

And…..here’s a video just to tempt you into making one. It’s not instructional as usual. Hey, I made this one by myself again. You don’t know how proud and kind of nervous I am when I show my video work to my sister (aka film student- she’s also an english major–guess who proofreads my academic work?)

IMG_6920Tempting, no?

So here’s how I make mine. I know it’s not as clear-cut as the ones on the internet but I came up with this because the internet gave me dry microwaved brownies in a mug. It could be just me or just my microwave but whatevs.

Microwaved Brownies

2-3 tbsp cocoa powder
4 tbsp plain flour
6 tbsp sugar
1 egg
splash of vanilla
pinch of cinnamon
8 tbsp milk [or more]
2 tbsp cooking oil
chocolate chips/buttons

– Mix cocoa powder, plain flour, cinnamon and sugar in the bowl.
– Make a well in the center and add egg, vanilla and milk. Mix well then add cooking oil.
– If the batter is too thick after you add the oil add a bit more milk. Batter should be just a bit thicker than pancake batter.
– Microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds then add the chocolate chips/buttons.
– Microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds until the middle isn’t wobbly. If it is put it back for another 30 secs.
– Cool for 3-4 mins, depending on your patience. But it’s really hot.



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