Milse at Britomart

IMG_7104Hey there!

Food adventure time again! This place is quite new so it’s quite exciting to share. It’s Milse and it’s near the Britomart train station in Auckland CBD.

Milse (‘mill-say’ Gaelic for ‘sweet’)is a dessert-only restaurant. Weeeee….I enjoyed just looking at the food displays. The fridge full of gelato on sticks. The rows of macarons. Everything looked so temptingly beautiful and delicious.

The dude in front was amazing too. He told us all the desserts and their flavours and whatnot. Bro, you have amazing memory.


IMG_7094Do you even realise how freaking hard it was to decide what to eat? Oh my. I could stare at those displays all day.

So many tarts so little time. So many sweets, so little moolah. If I had an unlimited cashflow you know where it would go.

When we finally decided what to get, we were seated at a small corner with cutouts ceilings and walls. It’s quite chic, actually. It was a small place that you get to sort of watch the chefs prepare the sweets. They shuffle in and out of view, they could be making magic for all I know. One of the chefs had this steely look of concentration that I couldn’t get myself to snap a photo. Heheh. If any dessert chefs are reading this, oh man you people are so cool. So freaking cool.

My friend, Pin, got a chocolate gateaux with orange filling.
I got this raspberry and rose gateaux.
Look inside! You can really taste the rose in the cream filling. Flipping awesome.
IMG_7077For round 2, we got tarts. Pin got a lemon meringue tart.

And I got a passionfruit frangipane tart. Okay so I’m not super sure if it was passionfruit…I forgot. Ah next time I’ll try to remember better. Haha. I enjoyed not getting the usual flavours I would go for so yay!
I’m definitely going back next time. Probably bring more friends too so I can eat a bigger range of flavours. Dessert stealing–er sharing anyone?
IMG_7084Nom nom nom… that’s all for now. See ya!




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