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Guess who’s back…

FOUR posts are back! Yay! It’s been a while isn’t it?

I suppose the autumn air made me take out the camera for a bit. Ah really I’m getting rusty, definitely not improving. But here are some random photos anyways. Haha..Four Others Under the Rainbow. in 1..2…3…

ONE (Hanging the laundry. I love clothes but I hate doing the laundry like I love food but hate doing the dishes. Ah but anyways this is a nice snapshot of a not-so-likeable chore. I think.)
TWO (Mr. Mannequin Dude. He’s been on several FOUR posts before. It’s funny because I haven’t used him for his purpose- model for drawing humans. My ‘humans’ are still disproportionate and cartoony with bug eyes and small hips. My shelf is his home. So he’s like “Yo, welcome to my crib.”)
THREE (My sister sewing. This is her old high school skirt. She shortened it and customised it with a denim fuchsia bow. I’d say my sister is more crafty than me. She’s fearless when it comes to snipping parts of her clothing. We have the same sewing skills (the running stitch that runs like it’s drunk) actually, I’m just cautious about cutting clothes.)
FOUR (One of my favourite dresses. Not only because it was my graduation dress but I love the crochet lace cut into a 50s silhouette. Here it is on me.)
IMG_6895So that’s all for now.

See ya!



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