Detox Diaries

So…..I tried the lemon detox diet.
Photo 30-04-13 6 47 55 PM

This is probably not something you’d find on a mostly food blog. But this is still my personal blog sooooo…here I am sharing this experience. Funny enough (or not), I did not think much about doing this detox thing. I’ve never tried any crazy diets (’til now) and I started this without planning. Mom just came home with the detox pack two days after I’ve indulged myself with wonderful sweets from Milse. Here’s my summary of this weird self experiment…

From what mom’s colleagues and the detox book says the first and second day are the hardest. I wasn’t too fazed during the beginning of the first day because I still had remnants of the oreos and chocolates I had the night before (mini binge when I found out we were going to detox, haha). I even drank the compulsory morning litre of saltwater in one go. I was also distracted by me freaking out about my laptop (spilled a glass of water the day before). As the day went on I realised I couldn’t handle seeing food on TV. What a bummer because thursdays was food show day on a nice channel. I also couldn’t blog because that meant looking at my food photos. I guess the thought of not eating for days really sunk in the evening. I dreamt about eating. That’s all I dreamt of. Having a big feast with lots of people, I even remember thinking ‘Oh no! I broke the detox already!’. The dream of eating, eating and eating.

I can’t say I feel better or worse. Not enjoying gulping that glass of saltwater. I feel better about looking at food. Wayyy better that I was able to blog about eating at Milse! I know. I got so cocky that I accepted my friends’ dinner invite. I haven’t seen them for so long so that’s my main reason. I have to admit drinking my chamomile tea while they munched on enormous burritos was not so pleasing. I handled it though. Even after my nurse friend and health psychology friend and another Phd student in neuroscience friend were all telling me to quit the detox. I was thinking…I already starved might as well go through with the whole thing. Dun dun….

I’m liking this detox less and less. My original plan of trying it for 10 days is now down to doing the minimum of 5 days. Whoever said it gets easier after 2 days was probably not living with other people. My mom and I are struggling with the aroma of cooked food–mom pretty much slept through the first day to cope. Dad and my sis had fried rice and some awesome meat while I tried to be satisfied with my glass of lemon concoction. I also started painting to distract myself. Funny enough, I’m painting an anime character who’s well known for loving cakes. Ayayayay… Went to watch Iron Man 3. Drank my bottle of lemon drink thing while wishing it was popcorn.

Rejoicing that I’m so close to finishing. Then I realised the recovery period meant I couldn’t eat normal foods until friday. I also put too much cayenne pepper on my mixture of lemon drink for the day. Not happy. I haven’t been dreaming about feasting because I’ve been watching Sorted Food videos every night before I go to sleep. I’m also promising myself to eat more and more veggies after this. I’m definitely craving baby carrots and steamed mixed veggies. I also promise to zumba regularly (exercise is challenging during detox period because my digestive system makes the weirdest noises and feelings..and things are loose [TMI]). I can almost have a conversation with my stomach noises.

So excited for the end! Cannot wait to eat mixed veg on thursday! Making plans to eat out with friends on friday. I’m also dreaming up fruit shakes and juices I can make for the next day. Also, finished my anime painting. I painted the cake last. I almost ate a grape out of reflex. I MISS FOOD. Detox schmetox. I can’t believe I did this. This is the sprint to the finish line. I’ve never craved healthy food this much. I already requested for several cookbooks from the library. I’m planning to try making homemade pasta. Plans, plans and plans of cooking, baking and eating. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

Note to self: Don’t you ever do this again.

PS. I did lose a little weight. Not worth it though. Mom says my skin looked better. I have to agree but there is a confounding factor of me changing my BB cream from oil based to not. Oh man who knows…


The End.




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