F.O.U.R. Kpop

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It’s a new kind of FOUR post! It’s FOUR KPOP. I’m not going to do this every time though. I just want to do it this week or maybe next week. I’m not sure, I just want to share some Kpop MVs that I love right now. Weee….okiedokies here we go!

ONE T-ARA N4- 전원일기
I’m not so much of a T-ARA fan but this MV is so awesome. The only thing I don’t like is the weird filter they used for the MV but all in all this is flipping entertaining! I think I’m going to learn their dance, it’s crazy fun. And yes…I want to wear florals and dungarees now too. So much silliness from the girls (stepping on each other, wrong dance moves) and the old people are great too.

TWO Jay Park- Joah 좋아
Oh man, Jay Park. I love Jay Park. He’s so cool and adorable at the same time…*sigh* This MV goes so well with the relaxing vibe of the song. I like his interactions with the girl in the MV (but not too much because she’s not me hahaha). I sort of want to start wearing caps now..Joooooah! How many filters did they use in this MV though? heheh..

THREE Sunny Hill & Daybreak- Love Actually
This MV is so silly. First off, I love Sunny Hill’s outfits and accessories (neon details ftw!). Super kudos to pants-ripping, chest hair showing, rose height man. Seriously so funny, it pokes at image ideals and love at first sight kinda moments. I just wish Daybreak took more part in the MV.

FOUR 4Minute- What’s Your Name
Wachur name wachur name, you know my name you know my name! Super colourful and crazy–random zombie apocalypse anyone?[And yes blowdryer to zombie’s face..that’ll work] Another song I want to learn the dance moves to but I probably can’t move like Hyuna. I also want to grab their outfits and accessories but maybe not wear them all in one outfit. I obviously want a kpop wardrobe–c’mon look at those awesome wedge sneakers.

The that’s my FOUR KPOP roundup. What’s your fave from my list? Even if you’re not into Kpop, you have to admit these MVs are awesomesauce 😀 Maybe next time I do a FOUR KPOP post I’m going to organize my thoughts on them a bit more haha…but then why not be as random as the videos, eh?


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