Random Eats


Hello hello there! Hope your weekdays have been good to you!

I am exhausted my friends. I started my practicum at a centre and there are more young children and they’re there for the whole day. That means cranky, crying children who want to slap you if you try and make them do routine stuff. Oh man, this makes my experience at the kindergarten like a walk in the park. I also went to a Maori immersion centre so the songs, the introductions, the words on the walls, the disciplinary words…well you get it, it’s all in Maori. I don’t know a lot of Maori words… the ones I know I can count on my fingers. Kia Ora, Haere mai, whanau, ka pai, morena, tamariki… ayayay..I know but I’m slowly learning. It’s just frustrating when a child talks to me in Maori and I’m the most clueless adult in the room. Arrrrgh. Children don’t usually trust clueless adults y’know. It also doesn’t help that Auckland’s weather is not very friendly. Premature winter is not fun when you’re having a storm in your head.

But then there are the awesome ups. When toddlers who can’t speak hold your hand and glance at you when they’re about to embark on a new learning adventure. Oh the feels. Every time I understand their wordless communication it’s like winning on those scratch n win cards. When one of the children who usually push me away suddenly wants to be carried and cuddled…I’ve gone home depressed-exhausted and gone home with the crazies. It’s only the first week.

My love of food—I mean children will get me through anything. I hope.

Okiedokies, random rant over. Random food begin.

My favourite aunt-not aunt baked this awesome rum soaked cake. It was oh so rich and oh so good. It was definitely super soaked in rum too. I don’t drink much so my alcohol sensitivity is a bit too sensitive…(so sensitive that I can’t have too much liquor filled chocolates haha but it’s probably mostly psychological because …nvm). Whatever, this cake is glooooorious. I always wish I can be as great as my aunt.

Nom nom nom noodles–From the chinese restaurant next door. Yum yum yum. I love their food and it’s just too easy to have takeaway when it’s this close. Hahah..

Roast duck! Woo! Started eating duck again because of the restaurant next door. Sooo gooood.


Chocolate whiskey cake. Mom got it from Rocket Kitchen. I love the frosting and the cute little rocket on top. Nom nom nom…. I just wish it was a layer cake with lots of awesome frosting in the middle.
IMG_6971That was a short Random Eats post.

Oh well. My intro sort of explains why, I guess. Hahah…


6 thoughts on “Random Eats

  1. I LOVE the chocolate whiskey cake from Rocket. Whenever someone asks me where to get a cake, I tell them that one.

    Roast duck is always fun too. Not expensive for what you get too. No point in roasting it yourself when it’s not much more to get a perfectly cooked one from next door. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll make rice, steam some greens and send the husband out to buy roast duck. We always keep a jar of plum sauce at home too. Just in case they forget to give us some.

    1. Yeah the cake was really good ๐Ÿ˜€
      That’s what my mom does when she’s lazy too! Haha.. we should probably keep some plum sauce at home too. I actually haven’t tried duck that’s made at home…heheh

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