Introducing Sweets and Brains 2.0

Hello hello!

I’m officially introducing my awesome sister to the blog 😀 I’m quite excited that she decided to join the blog. Yay! She puts more significance in the ‘Brains’ department of Sweets and Brains. Do you even know what this means for the blog? The blog is going to have a wider vocabulary! Can you count the number of times I use ‘awesome’ to describe anything? I can’t. Anyways two heads are better than one (except if you’re Hercules and you’re fighting a hydra–okay random). If you’re thinking about more gruesome ‘Brains’ aspect, yeah she fits that perfectly too.

I thought it would be better for my sister to introduce herself. (Haha you should’ve seen the amount of revisions she made on the post– you know she proofreads most of my university essays). 


Meet my sis!
PicMonkey Collage2

Writing this introduction post feels like I’m applying for a job. Instead of jittery knees, I have fingers that type and delete and type and delete words. I really want to make a good first impression on all you lovely people, or at least convince you that I’m not going to ruin my sister’s blog.

Enter the newbie

Hi, everyone! I’m Christienne, an undergrad taking English, and Film, TV, and Media Studies. I love food, especially sweets, and I have an unhealthy fascination with zombies, so I vouch for suiting the ‘brains’ part of this blog. 😀

You may also know me as Marnelli’s little sister. I’m actually taller than her, but since I’m younger, you can say that yeah, I’m her little sister.

I can imagine Marnelli reading this post, and she’s starting to regret having me in her blog.

Just kidding. She loves me 5eva. That’s why I’m here in the first place.

Why I fit into Sweets and Brains

Like Marnelli, I geek out on books and fashion, frequent cafés like a modernist literati, and find myself in the verge of tears while watching videos of baby animals on the internet.  Also, while my sister writes for a psych blog, I sometimes write film reviews for my friend’s review blog.
PicMonkey Collage

How I’m contributing to Sweet and Brains

I’ll be posting F.O.U.R (Four Others Under the Rainbow), G.A.O.P (Gasp! An Outfit Post), and Random Eats. Marnelli will still do the major food posts, and I’ll frequently invade it by filming her food appreciation videos, which I have done in the past for her Mac and Cheese, Palitaw, and Polvoron posts.

We’re also hoping to start making food tutorials! (I’m not actually a leech in this blog! Ha!)

So from now on keep an eye out for my posts in this blog. I promise I won’t let you guys down!

Look forward to the Sweets and Brains sister act, haha 😀
PS. It’s a bit weird to see my sister refer to me as ‘Marnelli’ she usually just calls me ‘ate’ which is big sister in Filipino. Haha.


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